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The KJ Country 102.3 Texaco Country Showdown is set for Friday, June 7th at the Effingham Performance Center! Doors open at 5:30pm, and last year's 'Showdown winner Kelsey Beard will open things up at 6:30! The 'Showdown starts at 7pm and airs live on KJ Country 102.3. You can also listen live online by clicking here.


About Hillary

I am Hillary Beard, and I love music. I love performing. I love the stage. I love the audience and the fans. I love to play and I love to sing. Music is an international language which connects all hearts all around the world. As the great Willie Nelson once said, "Three chords and the truth -- that's what a country song is. There is a lot of heartache in the world." I believe that with all my being.

Any first memories I have revolve around music. Growing up, going to church we praised God and Jesus best by singing. While vacuuming and cleaning our big ole farm house, we would turn on some Alan Jackson and Gene Autry. Getting over first heartbreaks, all I needed was a prayer and the radio. Through middle school and high school I was in band and chorus, but didn't seem to quite fit in with the music they would play. The only thing to get me through it some days, was some good ole country music.

That's right. A 16 year old obsessing over Loretta Lynn, The Carter Family, Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams. From the moment I watched the movie "Walk the Line" for the very first time, that was it. I was hooked. For good. Music has brought out the best in me I would say.

After over 300 performances, music has taught me the show must go on, to be prompt, to be humble, and to give my all and most of all its made me find the person that I am. One of the best things about music, is it brought me to my husband. It's how we met. And I am forever grateful for it. Music is amazing isn't it? It can make you laugh, cry, and all those in-between. It really lasts forever. Just like love. Because all music really is, is love.

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