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Sooeyfest 2021

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Saturday, October 02, 2021by bdust

sooeyfest 2021 850

in Neoga's Jennings Park

There will be an opportunity to learn about bats at Sooeyfest from 1-4 in the booth under the pavilion.  Also, Dr. Louis Hunninck will be giving a bat presentation at 2:15, next to the stage.  Louis is from Belgium and has been in the U.S. since January.  His mother is a secretary and his dad is an Architectural Engineer.  Louis is a post-doctoral researcher in the lab at the U of I.  His main area of study is bat foraging.  He uses GPS trackers to look at bat movements around corn fields and is also recording their calls with acoustic detectors.  Louis plans to speak for 20 minutes, then take questions.  We have a lot to learn about bats.  We hope to see you in Neoga soon!

Louis Hunninck - Midwest Bat Hub Coordinator

Louis is originally from the land of beer and chocolate: Belgium, where he completed his BSc in Biology at Ghent University.  After completing his MSc in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology, he took his PhD at the same university studying how anthropogenic and environmental disturbances affect physiological and nutritional stress, and behavior in impala in the Serengeti ecosystem.  Now Louis is a postdoc at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.  As part of the NABat program, Louis’s postdoc project will aim to collate data for the Midwestern NABat hub, and analyze distribution and migration patterns of several bat species.  Some general interests of Louis are behavioral ecology, occupancy modelling, and conservation physiology.”

Door prizes, including a Magenta 5 Bat detector, will be given away for people who visit the bat booth or Louis’ presentation. 

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