Library Receives Challenge Grant


Published on November 26 2013 2:44 pm
Last Updated on December 3 2013 4:46 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Helen Matthes Library officials and their fundraising efforts got a shot in the arm with receipt of a grant from the Lumpkin Family Foundation.

Library Director Amanda McKay said the Lumpkins made an outright gift of $20,000 and then offered a challenge grant of up to another $20,000 if it's matched by new gifts from past and present Library Board members and staff members.

Board members also heard that an energy efficiency study of the new library home along 3rd Street downtown indicated that an expenditure of $13,000 could generate $50,000 in savings, so voted to proceed with the work.

The Library Board renewed its lease for parking lot space south across Market Avenue from the current library home, agreed to board up a dumbwaiter that had been used to move books from one floor to another as it doesn't meet Code, and a gift of two hours of comp time was approved for library employees to use anytime after the New Year.

The Board also voted to cancel its December meeting, passed a measure prohibiting concealed weapons in the library as directed by State law, and discussed costs expected when renewing the library's liability insurance coverage.