Watson Fire Receives New Vehicle


Published on October 29 2013 4:32 pm
Last Updated on October 29 2013 4:32 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Watson Fire Protection District firefighters are busy outfitting the new addition to their fleet.

The department has received shipment of a rescue truck, which the department has never had.  Firefighters say the unit will be the primary response vehicle to auto crashes, first responder and EMS calls, and any call involving any kind of extrication.  The vehicle will carry the department's main hydraulic extrication tools and related equipment.  It's also outfitted with SCBAs and other firefighting equipment that was previously on the unit bought a few years ago from the Effingham department.  That unit is now out of service and is for sale.

Watson firefighter Travis Buhnerkempe said the new vehicle primarily will not be a firefighting vehicle, but does have a small water tank and pump so will have the capability of working vehicle fires post-crash or for brush fires if necessary.

On structure-related fires, the new unit will respond after the two engines and the tanker.

The rescue truck has been sought for many years by the Watson department.  It's hoped the unit will be completely outfitted and in service within 30 days.