Quick Action by Firefighters Likely Saved Shumway Family & Home


Published on September 4 2013 12:13 am
Written by Wayne Moran

Normally, when a fire call comes in, it's the firefighters that respond. Tuesday night was a bit different.

While fire crews from Watson and Shumway responded to an accident on Route 40, one that knocked out power to the Watson area for several hours, the crew in Shumway manning the station saw a large glow out one of the station's windows, and went to investigate. 

As firefighters approached the home at 202 North 1st Street, they called a Full Still, as the structure was fully engulfed in fire. Two firefighters entered the home, and cleared the occupants (three children and four adults) before fire from the shed was able to reach the home. One of the children was asleep, and firefighters tell us the bedroom window had already begun to crack from the heat of the fire.

Beecher City and Watson (who sent their crew that had just wrapped up from the incident on Route 40) responded to assist the Full Still call. The fire was under control in about 10 minutes, and while the shed was destroyed, the home was saved.

Effingham City/County Ambulance was on scene, as well as the Effingham County Sheriff's department. Altamont and Stewardson covered Shumway and Beecher City's fire stations.

Firefighters also tells us that radio communication was an issue, and that as a result of the FCC's narrow-banding mandate, they weren't able to communicate with dispatch, or a fire engine further than a mile away. We'll continue to follow what effects this recent change has on area departments, especially affecting area fire departments.