New Voter ID Cards Coming Soon


Published on August 9 2013 9:43 am
Last Updated on August 9 2013 9:44 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Effingham County Clerk & Election Authority Kerry J. Hirtzel has announced the printing and distribution of new identification cards for all registered voters of Effingham County.

The cards are to be mailed August 15, 2013 from the Effingham Post Office.  County Clerk Hirtzel asks that each registered voter check their card for correct information, and said it's very important to notify the County Clerk’s Office if there are any errors on the new ID card. 

If anyone believes they are a registered voter and does not receive a card before August 23, 2013 please contact the Effingham County Clerk’s Office.  A voter is allowed to vote only on the issues that affect where they physically live. 

Illinois State Statute (ILCS5/4-30) requires the County Clerk to conduct a verification of voter registration every two years. This verification is accomplished by the mailing of new Voter ID cards to registered voters. This new Voter ID Card replaces any previously issued card.  The voter’s polling place and all jurisdictions in which the voter is eligible to vote are listed on the card.  The card should be signed, cut apart from the rest of the form, and carried with you as a valuable piece of identification.  The reverse side of the card contains a transfer of registration if the voter moves within Effingham County. 

County Clerk Hirtzel and his staff welcome your questions at 217-342-6535.