Neoga School Board Acts on Buses, Personnel


Published on July 5 2013 2:07 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Neoga school board members discussed a golf program and athletic co-ops with neighboring school districts at their recent meeting.  There were no decisions.

The Board did authorize work on an athletic field and on equipment, and also agreed to determine the owner of the soccer goals on the field and to dispose of the goals if they can't be repaired.

Board members also appointed Bill Steichmann as their representative on the Eastern Illinois Area Special Education Board, and agreed to lease five bus units and to purchase three other units.

The Board acted on several personnel moves, including the resignation of Clay Haurberg as a coach for the district.  Haurberg had served as boys varsity basketball coach, but was RIFd by the Board as a teacher earlier this year.  He has taken another coaching and teaching position in the Clinton school district.

The Board accepted Al McCarron's resignation as a coach for the district, accepted Deborah Wiley-Sloan's resignation as a nurse and teacher, and accepted Kristy Buescher's resignation as a teacher.  Board members tabled non-certified salaries for the coming school year, but accepted the salaries for administrators.  The Board also authorized Superintendent Charles Castle to fill temporary summer maintenance positions, and to conduct recalls and advertise for any positions open due to transfers, resignations or availability of grant funds to finance certain jobs.