Fozard Commends Effingham Area Relief Efforts


Published on June 11 2013 3:05 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

A former Effingham pastor, now president of an Oklahoma City area university, has offered thanks for your efforts to help his area.

Dr. John Fozard is president of Mid America Christian University.  Dr. Fozard went to Oklahoma from Effingham, where he had pastored First Church of God on South Banker for several years.

Our Doc Kralman, whose children Shane and Kaci attended both First Church of God during their teen years and Mid America for college, reached out to Dr. Fozard when our "More 4 Moore" effort began in May.  The goods collected here were taken to Mid America for distribution to tornado victims in the Oklahoma City area.

In a letter to Doc, Dr. Fozard wrote "On behalf of the families directly affected by the May 20th tornado and the tornadic storm of May 31s, let me say we are genuinely touched by all the outpouring of love and concern.  Over 21,000 homes have sustained damage.  Over 1,700 vehicles were destroyed or damaged.  Flash flooding is a danger for this clay soil region.  I surveyed the damage again on Saturday and it is truly heartbreaking."

"Still there is a resiliency within the people of Oklahoma.  This is a very faith-based state acquainted with disasters like the Murrah Building bombing.  One FEMA official observed that FEMA has responded to many disasters, but they have never seen so much immediate response from neighboring communities and people coming to help."

Dr. Fozard concluded with, "Please share our gratitude with the people of Effingham County for their generosity and prayers."

The "More 4 Moore" generated more than $10,000 in cash and checks and more than 40,000 pounds of goods.