Lake Land College Spring Enrollment Enrollment Up


Published on March 10 2023 10:38 am
Last Updated on March 10 2023 10:39 am

Lake Land College enrollment in workforce ready and non-degree programs are up by almost 12% at Lake Land College, following a positive Spring Enrollment Report.

The report also indicates Lake Land College remains the top choice for in-district, college-bound seniors.

Enrollment in short-term certificate programs increased by 26% and enrollment in technical/trade degrees increased by 8.64%. Both of these options prepare students to enter the workforce following completion of the program.

Students enrolled in non-degree courses saw a 3% increase.

Overall, Lake Land College saw a 2% increase in FTE or full time equivalency and nearly a 1% increase in headcount with 3,680 students enrolled this spring. These figures are reflected in the 10th Day State report and are a snapshot in time. Enrollment continues to grow throughout the semester.

“We are excited to see students taking advantage of our short-term programs involving trades and other high-demand careers,” President Josh Bullock said. “The value these programs bring to both our students and the community is unparalleled when we look at the services our graduates provide to the community within these careers.”

The college has seen enrollment increase in several programs, such as Automotive, Building Construction Technology, Cosmetology and Welding.

Early Childhood, which is in high demand locally, saw a significant increase with the addition of a new grant program.

Programs that saw enrollment increases include technology programs such as Automotive Technology, Building Construction Technology and Welding.

Fall 2022 was the first fall the college had both freshmen and sophomores in Dental Hygiene since 2020, thus that program also saw an increase. Cosmetology also saw an increase.

Lake Land College remains the top choice among the in-district class of 2022 high school graduates that enrolled in college. Of those attending college, 59% are going to Lake Land. The next college on the list saw 13.5% of the enrollment, followed by several with 1-3%, according to data from the National Student Clearinghouse.