Teutopolis Village Board Reviews Property Development, Vehicle License Renewals


Published on December 8 2022 12:04 pm
Last Updated on December 9 2022 8:40 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Teutopolis village board members Wednesday approved a proposal regarding development of the property of Clay and Chelsey Zerrusen and Jim and Lois Meinhart.

The Board agreed that the Zerrusens could build a house on their portion of the property but, if any further development occurs, it would have to comply with the village's subdivision ordinance at that time. The agreement will now be reviewed by the Meinharts to see if they accept the proposal.

Board members talked with village employees present for the meeting about IMRF provisions. Further discussion is expected at the board's meeting on December 21.

The Board approved the schedule of meetings for 2023 and purchased a set of tires for the village squad car from Salem Tire for $700,88. It was also decided to hold a Christmas party for village employees on a Friday night in January at the Teutopolis Event Center, and the Board approved $150 Christmas bonuses for village employees.

Board members reviewed the Village's golf cart and side-by-side license renewal process. One change approved is that side-by-side licenses can be obtained not only by those who reside within the 62467 zip code, but also those who live within the village's 1-1/2 mile limits. The Village also plans to have the renewal process available by mail, not just in person.

There was brief discussion about reducing the speed limit in front of Teutopolis High School, but decided to wait until a study is received from IDOT. The Board also approved requests for using a camera on a couple of problem sewers to see what corrections are needed.