Packed House for "For the Good of Illinois" Event


Published on June 8 2012 10:29 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

A packed house turned out Thursday for the second annual "For the Good of Illinois" event at the Effingham VFW Post Home.

The organization is a grassroots effort to bring fiscal accountability to the state.

"For the Good of Illinois" Chairman Adam Andrzejewski said the effort is progressing as is the case last night "when the activists meet the funding network".  A large group of the community's leading citizens were present for the event.


Andrzejewski said fiscal responsibility can be achieved if three things happen...Scott Walker wins the recall election in Wisconsin, Mitt Romney defeats Barack Obama for president, and Michael Madigan is dislodged as Illinois House Speaker.  The first item on the list was accomplished this week as Walker won the recall election in Wisconsin.

St. Rep. Brad Halbrook was present and Andrzejewski commended him for defeating Roger Eddy for the Republican nomination for state representative.  Actually, Eddy quit the race to become Director of the Illinois Association of School Boards.  Halbrook spoke to discuss the results of his first spring session of the General Assembly.


St. Sen. Kyle McCarter was also on hand, upon whom Andrzejewski lavished praise. 

McCarter said the challenge for the state is to live within its means.  He said that's what Illinois citizens have to do, and he said families set funds aside for when things are tough, something he said the state government needs to learn.

McCarter said the two big issues are pensions and Medicaid.  About pensions, McCarter suggested starting with reforming the pensions of state legislators.  He also discussed the need to pare benefits to only those who truly need assistance, saying he's never heard a parent tell their child they're proud of them for going on food stamps.

McCarter asked, "How can legislators say they care for the poor and enslave them in an entitlement system?"


As keynote speaker, Andrzejewski noted former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels' contention that America is facing one of three of its most serious crises; the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the ballot box this November.  He also discussed the organization's "Open the Books" effort, shedding light on how tax dollars are being spent. 

Andrzejewski noted that 3,062 government officials in Illinois collected a total of $1 billion last year, that some earn more than one pension, and that many individuals earn more on their pensions than they earned when they were working.

He also noted that his concerns cross party lines; Chicago Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel gave the organization records of spending in the city for the past 10 years, but State Comptroller Republican Judy Baar Topinka declined a similar request and a revised request for just one year's records.  The group's request is currently under review by Attorney General Lisa Madigan.