Beecher City Board Changes Fee Schedule


Published on May 16 2013 10:42 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Beecher City school board members changed the fee schedule for the coming school year at this week's meeting.

The Board approved a $10 boost in the book rental fee to $70 and increased lunch prices by 10 cents.  The driver's education fee was increased to $50, from $25, and some new fees were instituted. 

A $25 activity fee was approved per student, with a maximum of $50 per family.  Also approved was a $10 science lab fee and a $10 ag shop fee.

Board members heard from a Shumway resident who wanted more school bus stops in town, but no decision was reached.

The Board renewed an intergovernmental agreement with the Cowden-Herrick school district for junior high softball, junior high baseball, high school softball, high school baseball, junior high girls basketball and high school girls basketball.

Board members also approved a number of sports and extra-curricular assignments.  Here's the rundown: junior high softball--Carolyn Wendte...junior high baseball--Mike Nelson...high school baseball--Bill Hammer...junior high girls basketball--Carolyn Wendte...athletic directors Carolyn Wendte and Bill Hammer...junior high Scholastic Bowl--Donetta Martin...high school boys basketball--Jason Eirhart...high school cheerleading--Ashley Stevens...junior high softball volunteer coaches--Larry Young and Courtney Myers...high school assistant softball coach--Larry Young...high school volleyball--Katie Noble...high school softball--Carolyn Wendte...junior high track--Consuella Lorton...assistant high school boys basketball--Andrew Noble...assistant high school volleyball--Janae Wolf...volunteer junior high baseball--Tim Petty...assistant high school baseball--Andrew Noble...volunteer junior high girls basketball--Larry Young and Courtney Myers...volunteer FFA Advisor Ashley Sayers.

Board members voted to begin paying custodial salaries from the Operations and Maintenance Fund rather than the Education Fund...named Joe Wills the school board's representative to the Eastern Illinois Area Special Education Board...and agreed to seek a state maintenance grant.