Dieterich Board Approves Appropriations Ordinance; Discuss 4th of July Activities, Use of Non-Highway Vehicles by Underage Drivers


Published on June 22 2022 2:13 pm
Last Updated on June 22 2022 2:13 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Dieterich village board members finalized the appropriations ordinance for the new fiscal year at this week's meeting.

Village Clerk Brittny Gipson said there is not a lot of change from the past fiscal year's appropriations.

The Board also sold portions of a triangular-shaped lot to neighboring landowners, and approved a replat of two other lots, making one lot larger and the other smaller. Both the sale and the replat took place in the east addition to North Pointe Estates.

Board members gave a property owner on South Main Street permission to remove the sidewalk so he can make some drainage improvements on his land. The property is currently too low.

The Board discussed the 4th of July celebration. Gipson said porkburger sales will return this year. The parade will remain at 11am on the 4th and fireworks will start at 9:15pm on the 4th.

There was also discussion on how to stop the use of non-highway vehicles in town by those under age 16 without a driver's license. It's illegal, and village officials are hopeful of finding ways to stop their use by underage drivers.