North Clay Board Discusses Water


Published on May 8 2013 1:45 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp


North Clay school board members heard Monday about an issue with the Village of Louisville regarding water billing.

North Clay Superintendent Monty Aldrich reported the District apparently has been receiving bills for only the minimum amount of usage for the past nine months.  On Monday, the District was notified of an amount due the Village of around $11,000.  The usage information indicated that the grade school used 805,000 gallons of water over the nine-month period, but last year's usage over a 12-month period was reported as 378,200 gallons.

The Board discussed the situation and how it came about, and discussed the possible lack of validity of the billing.  There were several recommendations on how the situation should be handled, but no action was officially taken.

North Clay board members also heard from Jenny McKinney on the "Welcome to the Real World" program.  The program is described as a "real life" three-hour course presented to sophomores related to financial matters and decisions students will need to make in the real world.  Aldrich said McKinney is also organizing a volunteer program for next school year for North Clay students.  The VIP Club is still being organized, but will be offered to everyone in the North Clay community.  A membership fee will cover a complete background check and fingerprinting.

The board established a $75 driver's ed fee for next school year, but agreed to hold a public hearing on the increase.  A proposed discussion of sports season limitations for the district was tabled until a future meeting.

Board members accepted resignations from Ann Bryan as high school Scholar Bowl coach, from Ben Farleigh as 5th and 6th grade basketball coach, from Angela Conrad as Special Education teacher, and from Travis Mulvaney as junior high head basketball coach.  Rosalie Wildbur's resignation due to retirement was accepted as of June 20, but she was approved as a substitute secretary.  The Board also hired Ruth Ann Simms as Speech and Language Pathologist for the coming school year.

Aldrich reported to the Board on supplemental educational services, Title I funding and the Pre-K compliance monitoring being done with a mind toward depleted funds in the future.