Cumberland Board Hires Administrators


Published on April 23 2013 3:23 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Cumberland school board members have appointed building principals for the next school year.

The Board hired Todd Hall as elementary school principal, Kevin Maynard as middle school principal, and Todd Butler as high school principal.  The vote was 4-2, with Marje Jackson, Jack Ingram, Steve Layton and Cheryl Flood voting in favor, and Laurie Titus and April Flood voting against the motion.

The Board also approved naming Maynard the boys varsity football coach, succeeding Butler who resigned the position, and named Whitney Edwards as middle school assistant track coach.

Board members heard that May 31 will be the last student attendance day, solely to let the children pick up their report cards.

The Cumberland board acted on fees for next school year.  Registration fees will be $35 for those in pre-kindergarten, $45 for those in grades K-5, $50 for those in grades 6-8, and $50 for those high school students.  Other fees set: milk--35 cents...student lunch--$2...and adult lunch--$2.25. 

The Board also discussed how to beef up anti-bullying initiatives.  A Bullying Committee has been established in the district.  Some of their suggestions: utilize Rachel's Challenge, a software package containing steps to take if you're being bullied and steps to take to report bullying; forms for students to obtain and fill out so they can report instances of bullying; encourage students to read up on bullying; and posters and signs promoting anti-bullying, among many other suggestions.  The Bullying Committee will next meet May 2.

Board members recognized Cumberland students for their achievements, including Colin Coleman for winning at State for his FFA record book; Charlie Ault for winning at State in WYSE competition for Engineering Graphics; and Logan Marlow for finishing sixth at State in WYSE competition for Computer Science.

The Board congratulated Ben Bland, Bob Blade and Kim Starwalt for their election to the School Board earlier this month and thanked departing board members Cheryl Flood, Laurie Titus and Rob Plummer for their service.  A special meeting is set for Thursday to seat the new Board members.