Eff. Co. 4-H Poultry, Sheep Winners At Effingham County Fair


Published on August 3 2021 6:30 am
Last Updated on August 3 2021 9:22 am
Written by Millie Lange

Effingham County 4-H Poultry winners were, front row, left to right, Scarlett Donaldson, Miley Pontious, Dexten Lotz, Justin Neu and Lance Koester. Back row, left to right, Madilyn Haarmann, Rileigh Haarmann, Michael Klepzig, Andrew Esker, Taylor Mette, Melia Wendling and Hunter Holland. Not pictured Caleb Klingler and Briana Hassebrock.

Effingham County 4-H Poultry winners were:

Champion Domestic Bird -- Madilyn Haarmann

Reserve Champion Domestic Bird -- Taylor Mette

Champion Old Standard Chicken -- Michael Klepzig

Reserve Champion Old Standard Chicken -- Hunter Holland

Champion Young Standard Chicken --  Andrew Esker

Reserve Champion Young Standard Chicken -- Briana Hassebrock

Champion Bantam -- Scarlett Donaldson

Reserve Champion Bantam -- Scarlett Donaldson

Champion Pigeon/Doves -- Rileigh Haarmann

Reserve Champion Pigeon/Doves -- Madilyn Haarmann

Champion Waterfowl -- Madilyn Haarmann

Reserve Champion Waterfowl -- Taylor Mette

Grand Champion of All Birds -- Scarlett Donaldson

Reserve Champion of All Birds -- Madilyn Haarmann

Grand Champion Poultry Junior Showmanship -- Caleb Klingler

Reserve Champion Poultry Junior Showmanship -- Melia Wendling

Grand Champion Poultry Intermediate Showmanship -- Madilyn Haarmann

Reserve Champion Poultry Intermedaite Showmanship -- Justin Neu

Grand Champion Poultry Senior Showmanship -- Michael Klepzig

Reserve Champion Poultry Senior Showmanship -- Andrew Esker

Grand Champion Waterfowl Junior Showmanship -- Rileigh Haarmann

Reserve Champion Waterfowl Junior Showmanship -- Taylor Mette

Grand Champion Waterfowl Intermediate Showmanship -- Justin Neu

Reserve Champion Waterfowl Intermediate Showmanship -- Madilyn Haarmann

Grand Champion Waterfowl Senior Showmanship -- Miley Pontious

Reserve Champion Waterfowl Senior Showmanship -- Dexten Lotz

Grand Champion Poultry Meat Pen -- Hunter Holland

Resrve Champion Poultry Meat Pen -- Lance Koester

Effingham County 4-H Sheep winners were, front row, left to right, Jr. Miss Kinely Will, Mason Lidy, Ann Zumbahlen, Marie Zumbahlen and Miss Effingham County Queen Taylor Hartke. Back row, left to right,  Laura Lidy, Sara Zumbahlen, Ethan Weidner, Andrew Lidy and Alexis Hetzer.

Effingham County 4-H Sheep winners were:

Grand Champion Ewe -- Andrew Lidy

Reserve Champion Ewe -- Laura Lidy

Grand Champion Ram -- Andrew LIdy

Champion Crossbred Ewe -- Andrew Lidy

Reserve Champion Crossbred Ewe -- Laura LIdy

Grand Champion Sheep Senior Showmanship -- Andrew Lidy

Reserve Champion Sheep Senior Showmanship -- Ethan Weidner

Grand Champion Sheep Intermediate Showmanship -- Laura Lidy

Reserve Champion Sheep Intermediate Showmanship -- Ann Zumbahlen

Grand Champion Sheep Junior Showmanship -- Mason Lidy

Reserve Champion Sheep Junior Showmanship -- Marie Zumbahlen

Grand Champion Market Lamb -- Andrew Lidy

Reserve Champion Market Lamb -- Eric Weidner

Champion Market Lamb Rate of Gain -- Ann Zumbahlen

Reserve Champion Market Lamb Rate of Gain -- Sara Zumbahlen

Champion Purebred Ewe -- Alexis Hetzer

Reserve Champion Purebred Ewe -- Alexis Hetzer