Storm Damage Photos from Wednesday's Severe Weather, Submit Yours Online


Published on April 11 2013 4:00 pm
Written by Wayne Moran

Wednesday night's severe weather brought sporadic reports of damage from around the area. Some residents tell us that they didn't have any damage, and were surprised to hear areas like West Grove street in Effingham had nearly 3 straight blocks of downed trees, with limbs and other debris strewn about.

If you've got storm damage photos you'd like to get to us, you can submit them online here.
Below are some photos we've collected from around the area...
We took this photo just west of South Side School in Effingham. A large section of this tree had fallen, along with a porch swing seat. And yes, that's a brick in the middle of the photo.
This storage shed wound up in this back yard on West Grove street in Effingham. We're told it was airborne for at least a few yards before it hit the vehicle in the photo, and came to rest here.
West Grove Street had its share of damage, as just two blocks east of the home seen above, the one below saw damage as well. A large tree in the front yard lost several large limbs and had damage to its carport.
That same house on West Grove had large limbs laying across an electrical line. Ameren's crews have been busy around the region today, cleaning up scenes like this one, and repairing damaged or downed wires. A large section of Effingham, including our studios, were without power for some time late Wednesday night.