Effingham Native Brad Krischel Captures Amazing Photo During Wednesday Night's Storms


Published on April 10 2013 11:13 pm
Written by Wayne Moran

If you've got a photo of storm-related damage, you can get it to us by clicking here.
Effingham native Brad Krischel has suddenly become an Internet star, after his amazing photo taken in downtown St. Louis has gone viral in a huge way.
The photo shows lightning striking the St. Louis Arch during Wednesday night's storms. 
Photo by Brad Kischel
Brad told us Wednesday night via Facebook, "This picture was taken from my apartment window. I knew the storm was coming and I had heard there was a lot of lightning. I have actually watched lightning strike the Arch before (it's more common than you would expect), so I knew it was at least a possibility. So I set up my digital camera with a 10-second long exposure and just kept snapping pictures one after the other. I got lucky and this storm happened to produce a lightning strike to the Arch. Photography is a hobby of mine, and I've always wanted to capture this shot!"
Brad's photo has already been used on TV in the St. Louis market, and it's sure to be a hit worldwide.
More of Brad's work can be see on his pages below...