Dieterich School Board Members Meet


Published on April 3 2013 11:25 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Dieterich school board members Tuesday discussed whether to eliminate transportation to and from extra-curricular activities.

Some boards have already eliminated the transportation as a cost-cutting move.  The Dieterich Board agreed to vote on the matter at their May meeting.

New board members will be on the Board when the May meeting is held.  The school board election is next Tuesday.  Dieterich is facing a problem, since they only have one candidate on the ballot and three seats to be filled.  It means the Board will appoint two people to fill the vacancies.  Superintendent Cary Jackson recommended advertising for the positions immediately following next week's election.  The Board would interview any applicants and seat the two new members at their regular meeting in May.

Dieterich board members voted to reschedule 8th grade promotion to May 13.  Jackson asked for the change after a snow day was used in March.  It was also agreed to designate May 17 as the final day of student attendance with a teacher's institute on May 20.  The Board also voted to hire individuals for extra-curricular positions, and hired Patty Worman, Candace Niemerg and Anthony Hall as additional summer staff members.  Jackson said summer maintenance will include cleaning, waxing, gym resurfacing, painting and mowing.  No major facility projects are planned.

Board members got an update on construction of a baseball diamond press box.  The project should be completed within two weeks.  The Board thanked the Dieterich Sportsbackers and the First National Bank of Dieterich for their efforts in constructing the press box.  There was also discussion about the sale of a 25-by-50-foot lot on South Pine to P&N Developers for $1,162.50.  The developers have four residential sites planned for the property.  The developers will be invited to the May board meeting to discuss the project.