Pearson Peninsula Project Moves Forward at Lake Sara


Published on March 19 2021 12:51 pm
Last Updated on April 3 2021 9:57 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Lake Sara 2021

The Pearson Peninsula project at Lake Sara took a huge step forward at this month's Effingham Water Authority meeting.

The Board awarded a bid to L.J. Swingler and Sons of Teutopolis as general contractor on the project, which is being developed next to Effingham Beach. Swingler submitted the low bid at $296,400. Two alternates were also approved, one for thicker concrete sidewalks, the other for additional rock over the existing gravel road to a fishing pier that will be part of the project.

Parks and Recreation Committee Chairman Tom Ryan said the Water Authority will be responsible for the playground equipment that will be part of the project at a cost of $397,789. That equipment has already been ordered. Ryan said the general work will include landscaping, ADA compliant parking, and sidewalks all the way down to the beach, roll out mats, and use of the dock utilized to install rip-rap in the past to serve as a handicapped-accessible fishing dock.

Work also continues on the disc golf course that is part of the project. Ryan said three easy access holes will be added to the existing holes to make it a course for everyone. He said there has been discussion about arranging a tournament at the course to draw additional attention.

The Water Authority board also purchased up to $6,500 in playground accessories to add to the pirate theme of the playground area.

The Board heard from Brian Larson regarding subleasing portions of the Marina. Larson introduced Bill Passalacqua, who would sub-lease The Stage. Passalacqua said his plans include festivals, concerts, kids shows and musicals. Those would take place between June and September.

Larson also introduced Jason Gines, who would sub-lease the Bait House, which would be remodeled into a small bar. Current hours of operation for the Bait House are noon to 6pm Saturdays and Sundays, and those hours would continue. Gines would look into additional days and hours of operation depending on demand.

Larson indicated there could be another sub-lease, but that person was not available for the meeting.

Also at the meeting...

--lake enthusiast Scott Ealy presented information on the names of the beach, saying he would like to keep using the Effingham Beach name

--Authority Attorney Tony Siemer reported that he has received the signed Girl Scout lease from Taylor Law, and that the Water Authority/Probst litigation has been completed as far as the Water Authority's responsibility

--Jane Montello of the Good Neighbors asked about the road maintenance agreement with Summit Township, but heard there is nothing new to report.

Montello reported there are 90 Good Neighbors members to date, and that there are going to be Lake Sara garage sales April 9-10, but that the Good Neighbors are not sponsoring the event.