Big Bucks Possible for Local Governments from American Rescue Plan Act


Published on March 3 2021 3:19 pm
Last Updated on March 3 2021 3:19 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Major dollars could be heading to local governments from the American Rescue Plan Act, if the US Senate follows the US House's lead.

The $350 billion measure is being billed as a COVID bailout plan by supporters. The bill passed the House on a party-line vote this week. A vote by the Senate is expected soon. Senate approval is not assured since the Senate is evenly split between the two parties.

Forbes Magazine and Open the Books has done research as to how much money local and state governments would receive if the bill is passed and signed into law as currently structured.

The State of Illinois would receive $7.5 billion. The amount for the state is larger than earlier projections since Democrat proponents switched the formula, which is now based on unemployment rates, rather than population. Chicago is targeted for $2 billion, Cook County another $1 billion.

Closer to home, Effingham County is forecast to receive $6.5 million. As for local municipalities, the amount they are to receive is as follows:

Effingham--$1.5 million






Beecher City--$56,000