911 Board Okays Development of Facebook Page


Published on October 20 2020 2:27 pm
Last Updated on October 20 2020 2:27 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

There are all sorts of ways to communicate.

The Effingham County 911 Board Tuesday voted to have a Facebook page created to share information on 911 and its activities. 

City Telecommunicator Supervisor Billie Bales said the page will be another way to discuss things like Text to 911, which is now available locally, as well as Rapid SOS.

Also Tuesday, the Board agreed to purchase Basic Telecommunicator Training Classes, which are four 40-hour basic classes for new hires. Also to be pursued is a Leadership Certification Class for Bales, who earlier this year succeeded Jodi Moomaw in overseeing City 911.

The classes are utilized for both City and County 911, which will mean uniformity in training received by telecommunicators, who sometimes work for both agencies.

The Board approved liability insurance coverage, with a payment for the coverage to be taken care of next month, and also agreed to place the budget for the coming year on file for public review, with adoption at the November meeting. The measure involves about $1,000 more in income as opposed to about $5,000 more in expenses, but the budget will remain balanced.