Former Congressman Poshard to Hold Series of Peaceful Marches, Including One in Effingham


Published on September 28 2020 2:19 pm
Last Updated on September 28 2020 11:28 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Former Congressman Glenn Poshard has announced plans for a series of peaceful marches in the counties he once represented, including one in Effingham.

Glen Poshard 2020

Poshard, also a past president of Southern Illinois University and a former Democrat candidate for governor, issued a statement saying, "Our beloved country is filled with hate and division. Not against the common enemies of democracy which dwell outside our borders, the autocratic and totalitarian regimes headed by dictators around the world sworn to our destruction, but hate against each other, our fellow citizens. One need look no further than a momentary glance at the social media which dominates our culture today. The voices of disrespect and violence completely cover even the smallest voice for respect and unity among our people. The chasm has grown so wide among us, once must wonder if any bridge of reason or love can span the divide? It is stunning that our country should come to this point of division."

Poshard began the silent marches in front of the courthouses in Jackson and Williamson counties, and will continue the marches in front of each courthouse in all 39 counties of the two congressional districts he represented while in Congress. He said he will carry signs of non-violence and respect for our people and our democracy. He will be joined by his wife, Jo, some of their grandchildren and in a few counties by his 99-year-old high school American History teacher.

Each march is for 50 minutes. A 10-minute recitation or the Gettysburg Address and excerpts or other notable speeches will take place prior to each march. Everyone involved will be wearing masks and observing appropriate distances as they walk. Anyone attending the Gettysburg Address recitation must do the same.

Poshard will be in Effingham on Monday, October 5 at 11am and in Shelbyville on the 5th at 2pm. He will be in Cumberland and Coles counties on the 6th, in Toledo at 11am and in Charleston at 2pm; in Fayette County on the 8th, in Vandalia at 11am; on the 14th in Jasper County, at 9am in Newton; and on the 15th in Clay County at 9am in Louisville.

The public is invited to join the former Congressman in the marches. If you have questions about the events, email