Former Girl Scout Property at Lake Sara Discussed by Water Authority


Published on September 17 2020 11:18 am
Last Updated on September 17 2020 11:18 am
Written by Greg Sapp

The Girl Scouts are selling property they own at Lake Sara and have given up their control over the Camp Wassatoga property next door, which is owned by the Effingham Water Authority, but efforts are going on to keep the location a source of activities for young people.

Two groups, one known as Friends of Camp Wassatoga, the other Virtual Home Ministries, are interested in the location.

Water Authority Attorney Tony Siemer Thursday said it's his belief that the two entities are looking at working together on utilizing the property, with Friends of Camp Wassatoga overseeing the maintenance of the site, and Virtual Home Ministries working with the Friends as to when they would like to use the site. No agreement has been formally reached.

The Authority reviewed changes suggested at the previous meeting regarding short-term rental of residences at the lake. Additional changes and suggestions were considered. Authority Chairman Rob Brown asked Siemer to revise and create an ordinance for them to review.

The Authority Board approved a quote from Patton Printing and Graphics on boat license printing. Parks and Recreation Committee Chairman Tom Ryan asked whether a map that is located on the Water Authority's Ordinances, Rules and Regulations could be updated, so Authority Secretary Sue Verdeyen will check with Patton on whether that work could be part of an amended quote with the boat license work.

Ryan also reported that they are still waiting on funding from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to pay for much of the recreation project near Lake Sara Beach. He said the State is moving very slowly on such work due to the pandemic. Ryan reported the disc golf course is coming along. The course is in a wooded area north and west of the beach including handicapped-accessible holes.

Mark Hartmann asked the Authority Board about a failing sea wall and a strategy to make repairs to the sea wall, while Galen Altman inquired about lighting, dust and air quality problems due to a gravel road and parking area at Bluegill Marina across from their home.