UPDATED: National Weather Service to Test Tornado Warning System Wednesday


Published on March 4 2013 9:56 am
Written by Wayne Moran

The National Weather Service offices that serve the state of Illinois (Lincoln, IL for our area) will test the Emergency Alert System on Tuesday, sending out a "Tornado Warning" to test the system. 

The message will be disseminated through radio, television and all NOAA compatible devices, including mobile devices like smartphones. This also includes the sounding of all tornado sirens.

The test begins at 10am CST on Tuesday, March 5th, and will contain clear language indicating that it is only a test.

Chris Miller, Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Lincoln said, "it is of the utmost importance to use the "live" Tornado Warning EAS (Emergency Alert System) for this annual exercise". This annual exercise is conducted by schools, businesses, law enforcement agencies, emergency managers and the public, to prepare for the severe thunderstorm and tornado season in Illinois."

The annual test takes place on the first Tuesday of March at 10am CST every year in Illinois, is done in conjunction with Severe Weather Preparedness Week and the monthly outdoor warning siren test, which is done is many communities around the state, including Effingham.