Marijuana Possession on Federally-Funded Grounds Still Illegal in Illinois, Even After Jan. 1


Published on November 14 2019 10:13 am
Last Updated on November 14 2019 10:13 am
Written by Greg Sapp

It's illegal to possess marijuana on Federally-funded properties in Illinois, so that could have some interesting implications when adult-use marijuana use becomes legal in the state on January 1.

National Public Radio reported that the Chicago Housing Authority is notifying its residents that possession and use of pot will still be illegal after the first of the year.

That led us to check with the Effingham County Housing Authority as to how the change in the law will be addressed.

A Housing Authority spokesperson said Housing Authority properites are non-smoking facilities, so that part of the equation is addressed. Medical marijuana is also permitted so that is not an issue.

Our information indicates that, as to recreational marijuana, it will still be illegal after the first of the year on federally-funded properties.