911 Board Discusses Old Tower Site


Published on May 22 2019 3:08 pm
Last Updated on May 22 2019 4:51 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The Effingham County 911 Board Tuesday discussed a tower site once used for 911 communication, but no longer utilized.


The tower is next to the former drive-in theatre site along US Route 40 between Effingham and Teutopolis. The 911 system had an antenna on the tower, but now no longer use the site.

However, a block building next to the tower is owned by 911. The system no longer needs the building, and Sheriff Dave Mahon, a 911 Board member, has been working to find a taker for the building to eliminate liability concerns.

The sheriff told the Board Tuesday that his contact with Mediacom, which owns the tower, has finalized an agreement to take over control of the building, but said the contact's boss is yet to sign off on the agreement. They plan to discuss the matter again next month.

The 911 Board also discussed who will take over secretary/treasurer duties on the board with the departure of former city police Jeff Fuesting from the board. 911 Board Chairman Julie Stephens said new police chief Jason McFarland indicated a willingness to serve on the Board, but didn't know about the secretary/treasurer position. The spot on the Board is set up for the city police chief or his designee. A couple of current 911 board members were asked about taking the duties, but one turned the request down and the other was hesitant.

The Board voted to allow four representatives to attend the annual Spillman Conference. Spillman supplied the 911 CAD system. The cost is not to exceed $7,500.

There was also discussion of the number of calls received by the city and county dispatching centers.