Plan Commission Acts on Items Related to Apartment Complex


Published on May 14 2019 8:32 pm
Last Updated on May 14 2019 8:32 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Effingham City Plan commissioners Tuesday acted on items related to a major apartment complex planned along South 2nd Street near the CSX Railroad.

A total of 48 apartment units are involved. The units would be in six eight-unit buildings. The apartment buildings would be located along a portion of South 2nd that was closed a few years ago and will be reopened to provide access to the site. The land once was part of the Effingham Builders Supply location before their relocation to 4th and Evergreen.

Director of Public Works Jeremy Heuerman said four of the six apartment buildings are part of an agreement with the City to develop the area and create more living quarters in town.

The Commission approved sending a subdivision plat of the development to the City Council for final approval, and approved a site plan of the development. A portion of the property was rezoned to multi-family residential.

The development is to be known as Eastland Apartments.

The Commission also voted to recommend the City Council rezone the southwest corner of Fayette Avenue and Outer Belt West to a highway commercial district. Local businessman Todd Anderson said he and his siblings want to develop the area as an "upscale plaza" in honor of their late father, Bob Anderson, who left them the property. Anderson said they are in "absolutely no hurry to develop the site, and said they'll be "very selective" in what stores locate there.

Commission members also recommended the City Council amend the municipal code concerning free-standing signs in a special use permit area. Heuerman gave a medical facility or the hospital as an example where the land is zoned residential, but has a special use permit to operate a medical facility there.

The Commission kept its same leadership; Brian Hayes as chairman and Dave Storm as vice-chairman.