Wilhour Opposes Proposed Law Requiring Illinois Schools to Teach LGBT Curriculum in K-12 Classrooms


Published on March 19 2019 4:01 pm
Last Updated on March 19 2019 4:02 pm

State Representative Blaine Wilhour of Beecher City says a proposed law in Illinois requiring schools in the state to teach LGBT curriculum in K-12 classrooms is something local superintendents should actively oppose.

"I can't imaging that there are many parents here locally that are eager for their schools to start teaching this curriculum in the classroom," Wilhour said. "If cities like Chicago can ignore federal immigration laws, then surely school districts in Southern Illinois can ignore ridiculous mandates like this. It is time to take a stand against over-reaching, far left policies like this."

Wilhour said he is hopeful local superintendents will take a stand and refuse to go along with these unfunded mandates being forced on schools.

"If a local school board takes a vote and wants their teachers to teach LGBT curriculum in the classroom, they should have that vote and implement the policy," Wilhour said. "But it is not the role of state government to require this of every school district in the state. Why do we have a locally elected school board if the State can just unilaterally require indoctrination like this in every classroom? This is not what parents in our local schools want for their kids. Local superintendents need to take a stand and oppose these ridiculous unfunded mandates."

House Bill 246 has passed the Illinois House and is being considered in the Illinois Senate.