Variety of Items Acted On by Altamont Board


Published on March 15 2019 5:31 pm
Last Updated on March 15 2019 5:31 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Altamont school board members this week reviewed several positive developments in the districts; what Superintendent Steve Mayerhofer calls "Pause for Applause".

Among the items shared was one concerning Altamont girls basketball coach Katie Lurkins, who was nominated for Illinois Basketball Coach of the Year.

The Board approved the district's strategic plan, which will be posted on the District's website.

Board members also approved a resolution on how funds would be used from the county school facility sales tax if it's approved by voters on April 2. The Board indicated the funds would be used for the annual abatement of property tax monies to pay the existing bond debt, general maintenance needs of the district's current facilities, and the balance invested for future construction, restoration or repair needs of the District.

The Board approved technology updates at the grade school, just under $24,000 to update technology including 44 new desktop computers. Also approved was promotion of teachers for next year including two teachers, Megan Burrus and Megan Cole, being placed on tenure status. The Board also advanced teacher Sheri Schafer to tenure via fast track since she has several years experience, just not in the Altamont district. The Board also did not approve the renewal of Tether Campbell's contract.

Altamont board members approved the high school and grade school coaching staff contract renewals; approved and amended the school year calendar to reflect two emergency days used with the last day of school on May 21; approved membership in the IHSA for next year; authorized Mayerhofer to seek bids on various commodities; approved the annual Southeast purchasing co-op agreement; and approved a high school band trip to Nashville with funding provided by participant fundraising and individual registration to the event.