VIDEO: Shimkus Visits Effingham


Published on January 17 2013 2:43 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

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Now the US Representative for the 15th District of Congress in Illinois, John Shimkus visited the studios Thursday on his way to a couple of engagements in Charleston.

The new 15th District was crafted since Illinois lost a seat in Congress this year due to legislative redistricting.  Shimkus previously served as congressman from the 19th District.

The new district is more north to south geographically and the Collinsville Republican said the realignment leaves Effingham County approximately in the center of the district.  He's preparing to open an office in the Effingham County Office Building in downtown Effingham, one of four offices he'll have in the district.

Shimkus said the tenor of the fiscal negotiations in Washington is not good, to the point where a legislator has to pick and choose the issues on which cooperation is possible.  He said he's struggling with calls to raise the debt ceiling, saying, "When you max out a credit card, do you start another one?"  Shimkus is convinced that limiting spending is the key to seeing improvement in America's fiscal condition.

The conversation also dealt with energy matters, with Shimkus excited about continuing fracking operations to gain access to more raw energy.  He said environmental considerations are necessary in such operations, but said they are the key to America moving toward energy independence.