County Board Will Not Pursue Firearms Sanctuary Referendum


Published on July 12 2018 4:34 pm
Last Updated on July 12 2018 4:34 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The Effingham County Board's Tax and Finance Committee Thursday decided against pursuing a November referendum regarding the county being a firearms sanctuary.

Board Vice-Chairman Dave Campbell suggested the idea at another committee meeting earlier this week, but at Thursday's meeting, no support for the idea was heard. Member Joe Thoele again stated that the real referendum on the matter could come when county board races are decided in November. Member Lloyd Foster said putting the matter on the ballot could "probably aggravate some people."

When committee chairman Rob Arnold requested a motion to put the question before the County Board this Monday, no motion was forthcoming, so the matter will not be pursued.

The committee heard a statement from local resident James Harvey highly critical of the resolutions regarding firearms and the unborn, and Board Member Karen Luchtefeld shared that she knows of a family that has decided against moving here and another person who lives outside the county but has been sending their child to private school here, but no longer will due to approval of the resolutions.

The Tax and Finance Committee, which meets as a committee of the whole meaning all nine board members serve on the committee, also recommended the full board Monday should consider an amendment of the appropriation budget for the County Emergency Management Agency; should modify the fund disbursement by the Veterans Assistance Commission to allow immediate aid in some cases to veterans; should seek bids on audit work for the county; and should consider appointment of trustees to the St. Francis Drainage District.