911 Board Discusses STARCOM Dispatching Units for Altamont Police


Published on November 14 2017 4:54 pm
Last Updated on November 14 2017 4:54 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The Altamont Police Department is in the running for a grant to help pay for StarCom radio units, but Effingham County 911 is being asked to pay the licensing fee for the units.

Altamont Police Chief Alan Heiens said his officers could have mobile radios equipped with StarCom in their squad cars and portables with StarCom to carry when on foot. Heiens said the grant would pay for the radios, but he needs 911 to cover the cost of the monthly license fees.

Money is tight right now for 911. Chairman Nick Althoff said 911 has a bare-bones budget heading into the new fiscal year. Althoff said another request for funding for renting tracking devices for the city and county dispatchers to use with Abbott EMS' ambulance units would be tough for 911 to cover.

The 911 Board continued Tuesday's meeting to next Tuesday, November 21 at noon to finalize the budget and see whether any funds could be freed up for the two items. Computerized flip cards used by dispatchers are another matter being considered, along with regular recertification of dispatchers.