Dieterich Board Reviews Test Scores


Published on November 14 2017 11:14 am
Last Updated on November 14 2017 11:14 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Dieterich school board members Monday heard from Elementary Principal Kathy Pattenaude and Junior-Senior High School Principal Scott Kocher regarding student academic performance on the PARCC and SAT tests.

These are the results of last year's testing.

The percentage of Dieterich students who met or exceeded the state-set expectations on the tests were well above state averages. PARCC test scores were 63% met or exceeded expectations, with the state average being 34.1% and Dieterich students 28.9% above the state average. 

SAT test scores were 50% met or exceeded with the state average being 38% and Dieterich students 12% above state average.

Overall, Dieterich students were 60.7% met or exceeded with the state average being 34.4% and Dieterich students 26.3% above the state average on both PARCC and SAT combined.

Students in Grades 3-8 take the PARCC test, while high school juniors are administered the SAT exam.

As for the parent-teacher conferences, attendance was great at the elementary level, 93% and 38% at the junior-senior high school level, which was an increase from last school year.

The Board also reviewed the tentative fiscal year tax levy with formal approval expected at the December 18 meeting. Board members also heard from DHS graduate Don Williamson, who proposed the formation of a Trap Shooting Club at Dieterich schools. Since most of the activities for the club would take place in the spring, the Board reviewed the information and tabled the item for future Board meetings.

Dieterich board members also approved Jason Newkirk as a volunteer assistant coach for junior high boys basketball, and approved a leave of absence for teacher Jodi Mammoser in February.