Shelby Board Hears from Flag Designer


Published on February 10 2017 10:55 am
Last Updated on February 10 2017 10:55 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Shelby County Board members heard from a young Stewardson resident who has designed a flag for the county.

14-year-old Dean Kaufman presented a prototype of the flag to the board members at this week's meeting. Kaufman incorporated the county's agricultural heritage, the number of townships in the county and other features. He received a round of applause from the suitably-impressed board members.

Kaufman said he plans to get an actual flag produced. The Board would have to act for the flag to become the actual county flag.

Shelby board members voted to contribute $1,000 a year in each of the next three years in support of the Shelby County CEO Class that is to begin next school year. It was also agreed to donate $500 to the Americorps VISTA Program in conjunction with the City of Shelbyville.

The Board approved amending a liquor license for a bait shop by Coon Creek clarifying that the establishment would sell package liquor and wine in addition to beer. There will be no consumption on the premises. Also approved were several appointments, including Brad Rauch as Public Defender succeeding Amanda Ade-Harlow who has been appointed as a circuit judge. Also appointed were board member Terry Metzger as a member of the Rescue Squad Committee, Larry Mynot as a fire district trustee, and Bill Hampton to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The Shelby Board also approved a series of transportation projects, including funding for the construction of the Dry Point/Lakewood Bridge, an award of cold mix production, an award of railroad crossing approach in Rural Township, and a revised resolution for funding for the construction of the Henton County Highway Bridge.