New Laws That Took Effect in 2016 in Illinois


Published on January 4 2016 10:02 am
Last Updated on January 4 2016 10:02 am
Written by Greg Sapp

On Jan. 1, 237 new laws went into effect in Illinois, including measures that impact fighting crime, government transparency, business, hunting, health, and family. 

When it comes to fighting crime, several news laws are making public safety a top priority. For example, individuals who continue to endanger citizens on Illinois roadways by repeatedly driving under the influence of alcohol, will have another barrier that can prevent them from getting back behind the wheel.  Sen. Jason Barickman’s SB 627/PA 99-0467 requires individuals convicted of two or more DUIs or reckless homicide convictions to install a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device as a condition of a Restricted Driving Permit.

Another new law taking effect Jan. 1, spearheaded by Sen. Kyle McCarter, goes after designer drug manufacturers. SB 1129/PA 99-0371 combats dangerous synthetic or designer street drugs by targeting how they are made and allowing prosecutors to not have to wait as long for lab tests to show if the synthetic drug involved was illegal.

In addition, the sale of powdered caffeine to anyone younger than 18 and the sale of products consisting of or containing powdered alcohol will be prohibited under two new laws (SB 9/PA 99-0050 and SB 67/PA 99-0051).

Those who call 9-1-1 in 2016 better be sure it’s a legitimate emergency. Individuals convicted of making false or prank calls to 9-1-1 call centers or making other false reports to emergency responders could be held responsible for reimbursing the costs incurred by the responding emergency agency under HB 3988/PA 99-0160.

As more police officers start to use body cameras, SB 1304/PA 99-0352 establishes new rules and regulations for officers who use the technology. The new law requires police officers who wear a body camera, to keep it on when conducting any law enforcement activities, among other rules.

Keeping people healthy and avoiding terrible diseases are the goals of a new law sponsored by Sen. Christine Radogno. Any child-care facility that takes care of children ages 6 and younger, must show proof their employees received the Tdap vaccine and have received two doses of the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine or provide proof of immunity under a new law (SB 986/PA 99-0267) that goes into effect Jan. 1.

Major airports in Illinois will have one year to establish a private breast-feeding area set up behind the security screening process in 2016. SB 344/PA 99-0228 also requires this area to include a chair and an electrical outlet and be outside the confines of a public restroom.

Illinois joins several other states Jan. 1 with a new law that can help save or prolong people’s lives. Terminally-ill patients in Illinois will have access to clinical-trial, experimental medical treatments and medications, thanks to the Right to Try law (HB 1335/ PA 99-0270) sponsored by Sen. Michael Connelly.

In keeping with the late Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka’s tradition of government transparency, SB 903/PA 99-0393 ensures that the Online Ledger and The Warehouse will continue to provide state financial records, official reports, and local government finances to taxpayers. Sen. Karen McConnaughay sponsored this legislation in honor of Judy Baar Topinka.

Illinois continues to rank near the bottom when it comes to being a business-friendly state. In 2015, however, Sen. Sue Rezin led the effort in one of the very few pro-growth, pro-jobs business reforms passed by the General Assembly during the spring session. SB 1672/PA 99-0463 will allow businesses to file and receive a permit directly from the state, instead of going through the federal government. That will speed up the application time and provide for more certainty for job creators.

Hunting is a very popular activity, especially in downstate Illinois. In 2016, under a new law spearheaded by Sen. Sam McCann, hunters will be able to hunt bobcats to control overpopulation and keep the animal at healthy numbers. HB 352/PA 99-0033 sets the dates for the bobcat hunting season from Nov. 1 through Feb. 15.

In an effort to boost tourism for downstate communities and to put a focus on the family, Sen. Chapin Rose sponsored HB 3234/PA 99-0307to raise the age cap for youth hunting licenses from 16 to 18.

In the classroom in 2016, to help high school students better understand government and the democratic process, a civics course requirement has been added to high school curriculum through HB 4025/PA 99-0434.

With 90 percent of pumpkins grown in the nation produced in Illinois, HB 208/PA 99-0364 recognizes that fact by making pumpkin pie the official state pie.

Complete Listing:

The following is a complete listing of all new laws scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1:

(Not all measures approved by the General Assembly go into effect on Jan. 1. Some pieces of legislation specify an effective date, while other bills that carry an “immediate” effective date can go into effect at other times of the year.

Jan. 1 is the default date for a new law to become effective if it is passed prior to June 1, if there is no specific language establishing another date. As such, a large number of laws take effect on Jan. 1)

Agriculture, Animals and Hunting

Animal Cruelty Fines (HB 3231/PA 99-0357): Provides that, in addition to any other penalty provided by law, a person who is convicted of a specified cruel treatment of animals violation upon a companion animal in the presence of a child shall be subject to a fine of $250 and ordered to perform community service for not less than 100 hours.

Animal Welfare Owner ID (HB 4029/PA 99-0310): Requires animal control facilities to check for microchips and other ID means to determine owner. If an owner is identified, the facility must contact via mail at least seven business days before transfer, foster home, or euthanasia. Before transfer, foster home, or euthanasia the facility is required to check a second time for microchip and make sure original information obtained, if any, was correct.

Bobcat Hunting (HB 352/PA 99-0033 – Sen. Sam McCann): Amends the Wildlife Code to allow bobcat hunting in Illinois from Nov. 1 to Feb. 15.  

DHS Gas Station Info (HB 4115 / PA 99-0044 – Sen. Neil Anderson): Provides the Department of Agriculture will maintain a list of addresses and phone numbers for gasoline and service stations on its website. The Department of Agriculture will provide the Department of Human Services with the link to this information, which DHS can then post on its own website.

Humane Care for Animals (SB 125/PA 99-0311): States that, “No owner of a dog or cat may expose the dog or cat in a manner that places the dog or cat in a life-threatening situation for a prolonged period of time in extreme heat or cold conditions.”

Youth Hunting License Age (HB 3234/PA 99-0307 – Sen. Chapin Rose): Raises age cap for youth hunting licenses from 16 to 18.  

Business, Commerce, Labor, Regulation and Licensure

Amusement Ride Regulations (HB 3359/PA 99-0116): Provides that slides of all sizes operated by an amusement vendor be considered an amusement ride and subject to regulation.

Child-Care Employee Vaccination Requirement (SB 986/PA 99-0267 – Sen. Christine Radogno): Mandates any child-care facility that cares for children ages 6 and younger to require child-care employees to provide proof of two doses of the Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR) Vaccine or provide proof of immunity. Also requires child-care employees to show proof of having received the tetanus, diptheria and pertussis vaccine (Tdap).

Cigarette Distributor – Retail Prohibition (HB 2513/PA 99-0192): Removes a provision that disallows cigarette distributors from also being retailers. Provides a distributor may file a written request with the Department of Revenue to waive the requirement of listing the distributor’s cigarette distributor license number on every sales invoice. Also provides changes made to the training program criteria administered by retailers.

Currency Exchange Clarification (SB 1882/PA 99-0445): Clarifies language to provide for a more efficient mechanism to yield services by currency exchanges.

Dental License Application (HB 1496/PA 99-0366): Provides that a dental license applicant who did not graduate from a dental school in the United States or Canada must complete two years of general dental clinical training in the United States or Canada prior to licensure.

Duplicative Small Business Regulations (HB 3887/PA 99-0370): Requires state agencies to examine their rules, administrative regulations, and permitting processes as they pertain to small businesses in order to identify those rules, regulations, and processes that are unreasonable, unduly burdensome, duplicative, or onerous to small businesses.

Elevator Safety (SB 718/PA 99-0022): Provides that the Office of the State Fire Marshal shall authorize the issuance of elevator contractor’s licenses, elevator mechanic’s licenses, inspector’s licenses, and inspection company licenses. The Elevator Safety Review Board no longer has the power to establish fee schedules for inspections of conveyances. Requires that all injuries caused by a malfunctioning conveyance be reported to the Office of the State Fire Marshal within two business days.

Equal Pay Act Changes (HB 3619/PA 99-0418): Provides that the Act applies to all employers (currently only employers with four or more employees). Provides that any violation of the Act will subject employers to a civil penalties. Sets different penalty structures for employees with fewer than four employees and those with four or more employees. Committing public policy violations will subject the employer to a civil penalty not to exceed $5,000.

Equity Crowdfunding (HB 3429/PA 99-0182): Allows companies, particularly start-ups, to build capital by soliciting small amounts of money from many investors over the internet for the purchase and sale of securities. Investors may be accredited or non-accredited. The Secretary of State is allowed to establish rules pertaining to issuance of securities, fees, and notice requirements. 

Home Kitchens (HB 2486/PA 99-0191): Provides that a home kitchen operation does not include a person who produces or packages non-potentially hazardous baked goods for sale by a religious, charitable, or nonprofit organization for fundraising purposes.

Human Trafficking Notices (HB 2556/PA 99-0099): Creates the Human Trafficking Resource Center Notice Act. Businesses and establishments that are prime “hot spots” for human trafficking are required to post a notice with information about the National Human Trafficking Resource Center and the hotline number.

Illinois Credit Union Amendment (HB 2477/PA 99-0149): Codifies federal law by allowing state banks to create “savings promotion raffles.” An out-of-state credit union not registered with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation will not impair the collectability of a loan made to an Illinois resident.

Insurance Public Adjuster License (SB 810/PA 99-0266): Changes the wait time a prospective public adjuster licensee has until he/she re-take a failed licensure examination from 90 days to 7 days.

Life Insurance Legal Reserves (SB 94/PA 99-0162): Changes standards and calculations required for legal reserves of life insurance companies.  Implements NAIC model act on the uniform “Valuation Manual,” including the use of principle-based reserve valuation methods.

Limited Lines Producer Licensure (HB 4015/PA 99-0161): Provides for a Business Entity license for Limited Lines Producers. Provides specific authority of the Illinois Insurance Department to issue a limited lines producer license for credit insurance to the business entity at the point of sale.

Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Changes (SB 1571/PA 99-0031): Provides that nothing in the Act may be construed to require an employer or a property and casualty insurer to reimburse a person for costs associated with the medical use of cannabis.

Milk Amendment (SB 1228/PA 99-0304): Alters the definition of “milk” to include that it must be labeled in accordance with the current Grade “A” Pasteurized Milk Ordinance as adopted by the United States Public Health Service — Food and Drug Administration.

Minimum Wage Employers Negotiations (SB 38/PA 99-0017 – Sen. Pamela Althoff): An initiative of the Illinois FOP Labor Council that amends the Minimum Wage Law by allowing a collective bargaining unit to negotiate and contractually exempt themselves from the hourly wage requirements imposed by the Act. Instead, the union can agree to an alternate shift schedule as allowed under federal law. 

New Business Website (SB 659/PA 99-0134): Requires the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to create and maintain a website to help anyone wishing to start a business in Illinois or relocate a business in Illinois.

Private Employment Agencies (SB 1859/PA 99-0422): Makes changes relating to the procedures and record-keeping requirements of those seeking to open, or who have opened, private employment agencies. Establishes penalties for violators.

Rental Car Toll Violations (HB 3788/PA 99-0214): Provides car rental and leasing companies with additional time to provide proof that the car is a rental or leased vehicle in the event of a toll violation.

Residential Mortgage License Act Changes (HB 3369/PA 99-0015 – Sen. Sue Rezin): Amends the Residential Mortgage License Act to improve the efficiency and include modern best practices in the regulation of the Act.

Serial Number Modification (SB 1820/PA 99-0188): Provides for additional record keeping for all items purchased for resale or loan regardless of the source. All material purchased for resale or collateral must have an unmodified serial number.

Smart Phone Theft Protection Act (SB 66/PA 99-0327): Creates the Smart Phone Theft Protection Act. Creates new regulations on vendors that buy and resell smart phones. Prohibits minors from trading in smart phones. Defines resale businesses that have 25 of more locations in the state (i.e. AT&T or Verizon) to ensure such business can enter into trade-in agreements for promotions and upgrade offers.

Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishment Registration Act (HB 3375/PA 99-0117 – Sen. Chapin Rose): Authorizes the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to establish and assess penalties or fines against any person who violates the Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishment Registration Act. Provides IDPH may assess a late fee if the renewal application and renewal fee are not submitted on or before the registration expiration date. Provides that in no circumstance will any penalties or fines exceed $1,000 per day for each day the violation continues.  

Temporary Optometry Licensure (SB 1504/PA 99-0043): Deletes a section that allowed for a temporary practice license for qualified optometrists licensed in other states who want to practice in a residency program in Illinois. Requires the Department to audit renewals of optometrist licenses. Allows an optometrist to use the word “Hospital” or “School” in marketing their location if they in fact do practice in a licensed hospital or accredited school.

Title Insurance Fee (HB 3910/PA 99-0104): Provides that each title insurance company fee of $3 per policy is paid by the agent or agent’s parent company.

Towing Commercial Vehicles (SB 1441/PA 99-0438): Prohibits tow truck drivers from removing commercial vehicles under their own power unless authorized to do so by a law enforcement officer. Requires all law enforcement departments that patrol highways (excluding Chicago) to create a tow list to regulate towing in their jurisdictions.

Children and Families

Adoption Registry-Grandparents (HB 3967/ PA 99-0345): Amends the Adoption Act to give birth grandparents access to the Adoption Registry and a confidential intermediary.

Breastfeeding Airport Accommodations (SB 344/PA 99-0228): Requires airports that have more than 1,000,000 enplanements a year to provide a location, by Jan. 1, 2017, at each terminal behind the security screening area for women to express breast milk in private. The location must include a chair and an electrical outlet and be outside the confines of a public restroom. Requires smaller airports that have fewer than 1,000,000 enplanements a year to comply with this requirement upon new terminal construction, expansion or renovation. Upon construction of a new terminal, expansion or renovation, the airport must provide a sink in any room designated for nursing mothers.

Child Welfare Agencies (SB 13/ PA 99-0346): Changes the duties and membership of the current Children and Family Services Advisory Council to improve monitoring standards for DCFS-licensed childcare facilities and review calls and reports of abuse/neglect investigations.

Conversion Therapy (HB 217/PA 99-0411): Prohibits mental health providers from engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with a person younger than age 18. Prohibits advertising that represents homosexuality as a mental disease, disorder or illness, and provides that violation is an unlawful practice under the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act. Codifies that a provider who engages in sexual orientation efforts may be subject to discipline by the licensing entity or disciplinary review board with competent jurisdiction.

DCFS Notification (HB 2543/ PA 99-0340): Provides that when DCFS first assumes custody of a child, in placing that child, the Department shall make reasonable efforts to identify, locate, and provide notice to all adult grandparents and other adult relatives of the child.

Family Law Re-Write (SB 57/PA 99-0090): Technical clean-up of language.  Re-writes access to school and medical records section to prohibit parent who is denied parenting time from having access to records. Includes all sources of both private and public income when considering eligibility for maintenance awards.

Foster Children’s Bill of Rights (HB 3684/ PA 99-0344): Provides that children in the care of DCFS who is placed in foster care have certain rights.

Parentage Act of 2015 (HB 1531/PA 99-0085): Comprehensive re-write of Illinois parentage law. The Illinois Parentage Act of 2015 is created to guide establishment of a parent-child relationship, to authorize genetic testing, to establish procedures regarding parentage of a child of assisted reproduction, and to provide for establishment of child support obligations. The Illinois Parentage Act and the Illinois Parentage Act of 1984 are repealed.

Uniform Interstate Family Support Act Updates (HB 3512/PA 99-0119): Updates the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act in accordance with the 2008 amendments recommended by the Uniform Law Commission.

Youth Shelters (HB 1530/ PA 99-0339): Requires the Department of Children and Family Services to implement additional protocols for its temporary residential shelters.


Consumer Ticket Purchase Protections (HB 3103/PA 99-0431): Attempts to strengthen protection for consumers who purchase tickets from brokers or resellers. Requires ticket brokers and resellers to disclose the registered name and city of the event venue; that the brokers is not the box or office or a licensed agent; that lost and stolen tickets may only be reissued by the brokers or resellers; whether it is registered under this act; it’s refund policy, name and contact information. Additionally, the broker or reseller must guarantee a full refund if the ticket does not grant admission or if the event is canceled and not rescheduled.

Landlords Accumulated Interest (HB 1319/PA 99-0253): Provides that the lessor shall, within 30 days after the end of each 12-month rental period, pay to the lessee any interest that has accumulated to an amount of $5 or more, unless the lessee is in default under the terms of the lease. All accumulated interest that remains unpaid, regardless of the amount, must be paid over to the lessee upon termination of the tenancy.

Mechanics Liens: Substitution of Bond (HB 2635/PA 99-0178): Amends the Mechanic’s Lien Act to establish a process for a property owner to substitute a surety bond for a mechanic’s lien on the property, thus enabling the property owner to sell or refinance the property.

Property Tax Fraud Alert (HB 3672/PA 99-0075): Standardizes the process for property owners to sign up for Cook County’s property fraud alert system. Requires real estate professionals to register with the recorder’s office before filing on behalf of property owners. Preempts home rule.

Crime, Courts, Corrections and Law Enforcement

Child Abuse by Professionals (SB 1763/ PA 99-0350): Clarifies definitions to include situations where a person who is acting in a professional capacity abuses or neglects a child.

Abused Adult Records Access (SB 1309/PA 99-0287): Gives a Public Guardian access to records regarding investigations of abuse, neglect, financial exploitation or self-neglect of eligible adults when the Public Guardian is investigating the need for a guardianship or pursuing a petition for guardianship.

Abused Children Protection Orders (SB 1335/ PA 99-0349): Provides that the parties to the proceedings are also entitled to copies of unfounded reports.

AED Mandate (SB 764/PA 99-0246): Requires sheriff’s offices and municipal police departments that employ over 100 police officers comply with the AED Act and be equipped with an AED.

Body Cameras (SB 1304/PA 99-0352): Establishes rules and regulations for the use of officer-worn body cameras and implements a package of police reforms. Police reforms: Prohibits police from using chokeholds, except when deadly force is justified; requires an independent review of officer-involved deaths, and makes investigation reports part of the public record if an officer involved in a death is not charged with a crime; expands police officer training to include topics like use of force; creates a database of officers who have been fired or resigned due to misconduct. Body camera regulations: The bill does not require police departments to use body cameras. If they choose to do so, officers must keep their cameras on when conducting law enforcement activities. Officers would be allowed to turn the camera off when talking to a confidential informant, or at the request of a victim or witness. The bill requires officers to let people know they are recording if they enter a home. Videos will be kept for 90 days, unless flagged for specific reasons. The bill allows for grants via a $5 fee increase for each $40 on criminal and traffic offenses, to go toward cameras and new training.

Coroner Training Board (SB 663/PA 99-0408): Creates the Coroner Training Board Act and Transfers the oversight of coroner training from the Law Enforcement Training Standards Board to a new Coroner Training Board the authority to conduct and approve a training program in death investigations.

County Jail “Good Time” Sentencing (HB 3785/PA 99-0259): Changes existing provision that no committed person may be penalized more than 30 days of good behavior allowance for any one infraction by providing that if the infraction is the second or subsequent infraction within any 30-day period, then the committed person may not be penalized more than 60 days of good behavior allowance.

Court Interpreters for Civil Cases (HB 3620/PA 99-0133): Requires appointment of language interpreters for witnesses and parties in civil cases, if necessary.

Court Services Fee (SB 804/PA 99-0265): Allows counties to impose a higher court services fee (now maximum of $25) if the fee is supported by an acceptable cost study. The fee must be used to defray court security expenses.

Court Supervision for Aggravated Speeding (HB 1453/PA 99-0212): Provides that a defendant charged with speeding 26 miles per hour or more in excess of the applicable speed limit may be eligible for court supervision if the defendant has not been previously convicted for a similar offense or previously assigned court supervision for a similar offense.

Crime Victims Debt Collection (SB 1866/PA 99-0444): Amends the Crime Victims Compensation Act to prevent a vendor who has been provided notice of a claim filed under the Act from engaging in debt collection activities against the applicant until the Court of Claims awards compensation for the debt and the payment is processed. “Debt collection activities” does not include billing insurance or other government programs, routine inquiries about coverage, or routine billing that indicates that the amount is not due pending resolution of the crime victim compensation claim.

Domestic Violence Sentencing Consideration (SB 209/PA 99-0384): Adds a history of domestic violence to the list of mitigating factors for judges to consider during sentencing. Creates a process for courts to review petitions for re-sentencing for certain offenses committed by a victim of domestic violence who was unable to present evidence of domestic violence at trial.

Discovery (HB 95/PA 99-0110 – Sen. Michael Connelly): Provides that discovery in civil cases, such as admissions of fact and of genuineness of documents, physical and mental examinations of parties and other persons, the taking of any depositions, and interrogatories shall be in accordance with rules.

DUI-related Safety Provisions (SB 627/PA 99-0467): Makes several recommendations based on the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee. Changes include the following:

$1·         Requires certain individuals suspected of consuming alcohol to sign the written warning from law enforcement.

$1·         Removes “hard time” provisions which currently prohibit driving relief for DUI offenders, and instead allow offenders to apply for a Monitoring Device Driving Permit or Restricted Driving Permit, with a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device.

$1·         Requires any offender with two+ DUI or reckless homicide convictions to install a BAIID as a condition of a Restricted Driving Permit.

$1·         Requires a BAIID, as a condition of a RDP, if the offender is convicted of DUI involving death, great bodily harm or permanent disability or disfigurement to another.

Elderly Exploitation Civil Action (HB 1588/PA 99-0272 – Sen. Jason Barickman): Changes the civil liability provision of financial exploitation of an elderly person or a person with a disability to allow for a civil cause of action regardless of whether criminal charges have been filed. Civil liability provision does not limit or affect the right of a person to bring a cause of action or seek any remedy available under the common law, or other applicable law.

Facilitated Courtroom  Testimony (SB 1389/PA 99-0094): Allows the court to set conditions it finds just and appropriate, including the use of therapy and service animals, for taking the testimony of a child victim or disabled victim in certain sex offense cases.

False 9-1-1 Call (HB 3988/PA 99-0160 – Sen. Michael Connelly): Requires reimbursement where a person makes a false 9-1-1 call knowing there is no reasonable ground for making the call or transmission and further knows that the call or transmission could result in the emergency response of any public safety agency. Caps reimbursement at $10,000.

First Responder Assault Penalties (HB 3184/PA 99-0256): Enhances the penalty for aggravated assault of a peace officer, fireman, emergency management worker, or emergency medical technician.

Foreclosure Special Representative (SB 735/PA 99-0024): Adds conveyances under a transfer on death instrument, conveyances where title was transferred prior to death, and where title was conveyed from the deceased’s probate estate to foreclosure cases where the court is not required to appoint a special representative for a deceased mortgagor.

Foreign Affairs Officers Arrests (HB 1337/PA 99-0190): Provides that the new consular notification mandate does not create any affirmative duty to investigate whether an arrestee or detainee is a foreign national.

Gender Identity Protection (HB 3552/PA 99-0417): Provides that the written directions a person leaves regarding disposition of that person’s remains may include instructions regarding gender identity including, but not limited to, instructions with respect to appearance, chosen name, and gender pronouns, regardless of whether the person has obtained a court-ordered name change, changed the gender marker on any identification document, or undergone any transition-related medical treatment.

Good Conduct Time Sentencing (HB 3475/PA 99-0381): Amends the Unified Code of Corrections by expanding who may be eligible for certificates of good conduct to include persons convicted of committing or attempting to commit a Class X felony or a forcible felony (other than certain offenses currently specifically excluded in statute).

Good Conduct Sentencing Credit (HB 3884/PA 99-0241 – Sen. Michael Connelly): Gives an additional 30 days of sentence credit to any prisoner who passes their high school equivalency testing while in the Department of Corrections or while they are being held in pre-trial detention (county jail) prior to the current commitment to the Department of Corrections.

IDOC Parolee Information (HB 2722/PA 99-0275 – Sen. Michael Connelly): Helps protect the privacy of rehabilitated inmates seeking to reenter society because of (1) witness protection issues and gang affiliation/retaliation when an inmate is released. This bill does not affect separate victim notification requirements when an offender is released.

Juries – Removal and Disability (HB 3704/PA 99-0102 – Sen. Michael Connelly): Provides additional means of establishing a total and permanent disability for purposes of a prospective juror seeking a permanent exclusion from jury service (an individualized education program plan or proof of a guardianship).

Juvenile Justice Councils (HB 3718/PA 99-0258): Amends the Juvenile Court Act of 1987 by expanding entities who may designate representatives to serve on county juvenile justice councils. This will add additional community based perspectives to the juvenile justice councils.

Juvenile Justice Councils (HB 4044/PA 99-0435): Amends the Juvenile Court Act of 1987 by expanding entities who may designate representatives to serve on county juvenile justice councils. This will add additional community based perspectives to the juvenile justice councils.

Juvenile Justice Reforms (SB 1560/PA 99-0268): Prevents juvenile misdemeanants from Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) commitment, suspends automatic custodianship of DJJ for aftercare (parole) violators if they have new adult criminal charges pending, and adjusts length of aftercare time to be proportional with length of adult parole.

Juvenile Justice Reports (HB 3141/PA 99-0255 – Sen. Dale Righter): Amends the Unified Code of Corrections by adding a new section that clarifies the reporting requirements of the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) to the Governor and General Assembly. Provides a due date of Jan. 1.

Law Licenses for Non-Citizens (SB 23/PA 99-0419): Asks the Illinois Supreme Court to grant law licenses to non-citizens provided certain conditions have been satisfied related to the recently enacted federal “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program.

Lifetime Sentences for Juveniles (HB 2471/PA 99-0069): Aligns Illinois’s criminal statutes with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that found automatic mandatory life sentences for juveniles to be unconstitutional.  Grants judges leeway to determine whether such a sentence is warranted and allows judges to lengthen or shorten a sentence depending on whether a firearm or automatic weapon was used in a capital crime.

Minors in Detention Facilities (HB 2567/PA 99-0254): Prohibits a delinquent minor younger than age 13 from being admitted, kept, or detained in a detention facility unless a local youth service provider has first been contacted and is not able to accept the minor.

Missing Persons Identification Act Changes (HB 4097/PA 99-0244 – Sen. Kyle McCarter): Prohibits law enforcement agencies from refusing to accept a missing person report on the basis of the missing person’s mental state or medical condition.

Mental Health Fitness Ability to Stand Trial (SB 1938/PA 99-0140 – Sen. Tim Bivins): Amends the Code of Criminal Procedure relative to defendants found unfit to stand trial by making sure that the reports of forensic examiners working for circuit courts are also provided to DHS in conjunction with the judge’s order remanding the unfit defendant to DHS.

Mistaken Arrest Records (HB 169/PA 99-0363): Requires, if a person has been arrested for a criminal offense based upon mistaken identity, the law enforcement agency whose officers made the arrest to delete or retract the arrest records of that person.

Orders of Protection Process (HB 3161/PA 99-0240): Prohibits a special process server from being appointed in Cook County if the order of protection to be served grants the surrender of a child, the surrender of a firearm or firearm owner’s identification card, or the exclusive possession of a shared residence.

Out-of-State Subpoenas (SB 45/PA 99-0079 – Sen. Jason Barickman): Creates a simple process for civil cases by which a subpoena from an out-of-state court can be used to issue a discovery subpoena in Illinois.

Police Crisis Intervention (HB 4112/PA 99-0261): Provides that the Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (LETSB) will create a standard curriculum in crisis intervention and specialized policing responses to mental illness. Requires LETSB to conduct Crisis Intervention Team Training.

Powdered Alcohol Ban (SB 67/PA 99-0051): Prohibits the sale of products consisting of or containing powdered alcohol in Illinois by creating a Class A misdemeanor for a violation and a Class 4 felony for a second or subsequent violations.

Powdered Caffeine Prohibition (SB 9/PA 99-0050): Prohibits the sale or offering of powdered pure caffeine to anyone younger than age 18.

Power of Attorney (SB 159/PA 99-0328): Makes technical changes to the Illinois Power of Attorney Act relative to health-care powers of attorney.

Preservation and Delivery of Evidence (HB 233/PA 99-0354 – Sen. Tim Bivins): Requires the County Coroner to properly preserve evidence from a death investigation if appropriate equipment is available and release it to the investigating agency no later than 30 days after collection.  Requires the police agency receiving that evidence to submit the specimens to a National DNA Index System participating laboratory within the state.

Probate Citations Recover (SB 1308/PA 99-0093): Allows the court to issue a citation, pursuant to any civil cause of action, for the appearance of any person who may have had assets in his or her possession and of any person who may be liable to the estate of a ward.

Probate Disabled Persons Wills (SB 90/PA 99-0302): Establishes a rebuttable presumption that a will or codicil is void if it was executed or modified after the testator is adjudicated disabled and either a plenary or limited guardian has been appointed and the court has found that the testator lacks testamentary capacity.

Probate Temp Adult Guardians (HB 2505/PA 99-0070): Amends the Probate Act to provide that a temporary guardian of a disabled adult shall have the limited powers and duties of a guardian of the person or of the estate which are specifically enumerated by court order.

Prostitution (SB 201/PA 99-0347): Makes it an aggravating factor in promoting juvenile prostitution, patronizing a prostitute, or patronizing a minor engaged in prostitution knowing that the minor was in the custody or guardianship of the Department of Children and Family Services.

Same Sex Hate Crimes Definition (HB 3930/PA 99-0077): Changes definition of “sexual orientation” in the hate crime statute, the institutional vandalism statute, and the statute concerning aggravating factors in sentencing to the definition used in the Illinois Human Rights Act. Amends the offense of institutional vandalism by replacing the term “sexual orientation” with “ancestry, gender, sexual orientation” and “physical or mental disability.”

Scott’s Law Changes (SB 1424/PA 99-0125): Adds recycling vehicles to vehicles covered under Scott’s Law.

Sealing of Criminal Records (HB 3149/PA 99-0378): Allows a person who earned a high school diploma, associate’s degree, vocational technical certification, or bachelor’s degree, or GED during the period of his or her sentence or mandatory supervised release to petition for early sealing of the record prior to the applicable waiting period.

Sealing of Criminal Records (SB 844/PA 99-0385): Allows for sealing of certain eligible criminal records in two years (rather than three years or four years) and other records including eligible felonies in three years (rather than four years) after the end of the case.

Sexual Abuse (SB 207/PA 99-0283): Makes it an aggravating factor in sentencing for certain sex offenses committed against a victim with an intellectual disability and the defendant holds a position of trust, authority or supervision in relation to the victim.

Statute of Limitations Suspensions for Sexual Assault Evidence Kits (HB 369/PA 99-0252): Tolls the statute of limitation period for charging a sex crime from the time evidence of a sexual assault is collected and submitted by a law enforcement agency until the completion of the analysis of the Illinois State Police.

Synthetic Drug Classification (SB 1129/PA 99-0371 – Sen. Kyle McCarter): Gives law enforcement a new tool in combating the sale, distribution and possession of synthetic drugs by banning their underlying chemical structure.


Boundary Change Article of the School Code (SB 224/PA 99-0475): Adds new rules that regional boards of schools trustees must follow when considering a territory’s detachment from a school district. Also makes changes to the bonded indebtedness tax rate for detached or attachment of a territory.

Career and Technical Education Teacher Certification (HB 1790/PA 99-0035 – Sen. Kyle McCarter): States that for individuals who were issued the career and technical educator endorsement on an Educator License with Stipulations or a part-time or provisional career and technical educator license on or after Jan. 1, 2015, the license may be renewed if the individual passes a test of basic skills.

Career and Workforce Transition Act (SB 760/PA 99-0468): Requires a community college to accept up to 30 credit hours from an approved non-degree granting institution if a student has completed one of the following programs at the institution: Medical Assisting; Medical Coding; Dental Assisting; HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning); Welding; and Pharmacy Technician. The Illinois Board of Higher Education must approve the non-degree granting institution as an institution that a student is allowed to transfer credit from.

Civics Course Requirement (HB 4025/PA 99-0434): Mandates that of the required two years of social studies at least one semester must be civics. The civics course shall focus on government institutions, the discussion of current and controversial issues, service learning, and simulations of the democratic process. School districts may utilize private funding available for the purposes of offering civics education.

College Entrance Exams (SB 1455/PA 99-0185): Requires that one of the assessments administered by the Illinois State Board of Education shall be accepted by this State’s public institutions of higher education, as defined in the Board of Higher Education Act, for the purpose of student application or admissions consideration.

Education Standards Ban on Basis of Race (HB 163/PA 99-0084): Prohibits the Illinois State Board of Education from establishing different performance standards based on race or ethnicity.

Exoneration Education (SB 223/PA 99-0199): Entitles individuals who have been exonerated by the Governor on the grounds of innocence, or those who have received a certificate of innocence from a circuit court, to payment for the course of study and the tests needed to obtain a high school equivalency certificate, or eight semesters or 12 quarters, of full payment of tuition and mandatory fees for higher education.

Higher Ed Student Mental Health (HB 3599/PA 99-0278): Requires all institutions of higher learning to create a policy and supporting procedures to ensure that every new student is given the opportunity to complete and submit the authorization form to disclose private mental health information. The institution may disclose that mental health information if a physical, clinical psychologist or qualified examiner makes a determination that the student poses a clear danger to himself or others.

Medical Assistant Grants (HB 3577/PA 99-0359): Requires, subject to appropriation, the Illinois Student Assistance Commission to receive and consider applications for grant assistance from anyone who is enrolled or has been accepted for enrollment in a medical assistant program at a public community college that will lead to certification to work as a medical assistant.

PUNS Awareness (SB 226/PA 99-0144): Requires the Department of Human Services and the State Board of Education to develop and implement an online training program for at least one designated employee in every public school in this state to educate him or her about the Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS) database.

Rural Transition Program (SB 813/PA 99-0027): Establishes that the Cooperative Extension of the University of Illinois may establish a Rural Transition Program, rather than mandating it.

School Board Elections (SB 82/PA 99-0091): Provides that for community unit school districts formed before Jan. 1, 1975, and combined school districts formed before July 1, 1983, a proposition to change to an at large school board without restriction by area of residence can be approved by either 1) a majority of those voting in each congressional township in the area comprising the school district or 2) by two-thirds of those voting in the election.

School CO2 Detector Requirement (HB 152/PA 99-0470): Requires schools to be equipped with approved carbon monoxide alarms or detectors.

Student Teacher Background Checks (SB 706/PA 99-0021): Student teacher applicants must submit to a finger print analysis that is performed by the Illinois State Police and FBI. Additionally, school districts must verify that the applicant is not on the sex offender, child murderer or violent offender against youth registries. The requirements apply to all non-profit, for-profit and regular elementary and secondary school districts.

Student Transfer Achievement (SB 806/PA 99-0316): Creates the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act which would allow a community college student to be eligible for transfer into a baccalaureate program of an Illinois public university, with junior status, if the student meets certain requirements.

University Civil Service Act Changes (HB 3102/PA 99-0072): With regard to appointments and promotions at state universities, this legislation states that if a position needs to be filled, or if a superior position in the promotional line needs to be filled, the Executive Director will certify to the employer the names and addresses of the persons with the three highest scores on the appropriate register, instead of three persons standing highest upon the appropriate promotional register.

Energy, Utilities, Environment and Conservation

Best Use of Dust Suppressants (HB 4007/PA 99-0089): States that a provision concerning beneficial use determinations does not apply to dust suppressants applied to material that is burned for energy recovery, used to produce a fuel, or otherwise contained in a fuel.

Clean Air Act (SB 1672/PA 99-0463 – Sen. Sue Rezin): Amends the Environmental Protection Act and requires the Pollution Control Board to adopt regulations establishing permit programs for Clean Air Act permits meeting the applicable requirements of specified provisions of the Clean Air Act. Ensures incorporation of federal laws and regulation into state statute and environmental policy.

Exotic Weed Act (SB 681/PA 99-0081): Adds more than 17 plant types to the Illinois Exotic Weed Act, which includes species of bush honeysuckle, olive, salt cedar, poison hemlock, giant hogweed, Oriental bittersweet, teasel, and knotweed.

Handicap Accessibility (HB 3457/PA 99-0391): When considering applications for grants, directs the Department of Natural Resources to add certain criteria for giving park projects priority based on their level of handicapped accessibility.

Increased Penalties for Rivers, Lakes and Streams Act (HB 3240/PA 99-0073 – Sen. Bill Brady): States that anyone who violates a provision of the Act shall be subject to a civil penalty worth two times the applicable permit fee, but not to exceed $5,000.

LIHEAP Funding (SB 418/PA 99-0457): Ensures that Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) providers will still receive a 10 percent administrative fee for the previous fiscal year’s work even when the LIHEAP program runs out of funds.

Oil and Gas Act Changes (SB 1377/PA 99-0137): Amends the DNR Oil and Gas Act. Changes the section concerning fabrications of permits concerning wells. This would increase the penalty to $5,000 for every falsification and misuse of information.

Oil and Gas Payments (HB 313/PA 99-0129) Adjusts oil lease/transfer fees for inflation.  If a lease fee payment is $100 or less, a lessee may make one annual payment via check.

Oil and Gas Service of Notification Act (SB 1378/PA 99-0138): Creates the pathways that the Department of Natural Resources would use to notify owners of an abandoned well.

Prohibit MGP (Manufactured Gas Plant) Waste from Landfills (HB 1326/PA 99-0365): Bans MGP waste from being placed into waste disposal sites (other than those permitted to receive dangerous material), unless it contains pollutant levels below the US EPA levels.

Utility Deposit Waiver (SB 1645/PA 99-0420): Requires utility companies to waive deposit requirements on new accounts for 60 days for documented domestic abuse victims.

Ethics and Transparency

Agenda Transparency (SB 564/PA 99-0218): Requires the Governor’s Office of Boards and Commissions to establish an online section that an individual could subscribe to receive email notices of meeting of each board and commission and the meeting’s agenda. This site would also contain a listing of all meeting times and agendas for each board and commission. All emails and posting notices must be completed at least 48 hours in advance.

Closed Meetings Exemptions (HB 1498/PA 99-0235): Allows a public body to hold closed meetings if the entity is discussing either school safety/security or patient quality and safety reports for a hospital or medical institution that is operated by the state or provides care on behalf of the state.

Comptroller Warehouse Ledger (SB 903/PA 99-0393 – Sen. Karen McConnaughay): Codifies the “Online Ledger” and “The Warehouse” under the State Comptroller. These are repositories for the storage of any reports submitted to the comptroller and a database of all of the State’s transactions. 

Campaign Finance Independent Expenditure Reporting (SB 248/PA 99-0437): Requires year-round reporting of independent expenditures of $1,000 or more. These expenditures are to be reported within five business days after making the independent expenditure (two business days during the 60-day period before an election).

Health and Human Services

Cytomegalovirus Public Education Program (HB 184/PA 99-0424): Creates the Cytomegalovirus (CMV) public education program. The Department of Public Health will develop and publish informational materials regarding CMV for pregnant women or women who may become pregnant.

Dental Emergency Responder (SB 748/PA 99-0025 – Sen. Jason Barickman): Clarifies the certification of dentists that are qualified to respond to emergency situations. Changes name from “dental emergency responder” to “dental responder” in order to cover a dentist or dental hygienist who is appropriately certified in disaster preparedness, immunizations, and dental humanitarian medical response.

Down Syndrome Information and Awareness Act (HB 3158/PA 99-0142): Creates the Down Syndrome Information and Awareness Act, which requires the Department of Public Health to make available up-to-date, evidence-based written information about Down syndrome. The Department must make this information available to persons who render prenatal care, postnatal care, or genetic counseling to parents who receive a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Good Samaritan Dentists (SB 751/PA 99-0092): Gives Good Samaritan immunity from civil liability to dentists who provide flu vaccinations at public health clinics without charge or fee.

Good Samaritan Medical Clinic (SB 1498/PA 99-0042): Establishes that Good Samaritan immunity includes a program organized by a certified local health department utilizing health professional members of the Volunteer Medical Reserve Corp in the definition of free medical clinic.

Healthcare Account Program (SB 1383/PA 99-0145): Creates the “Achieving a Better Life Experience” (ABLE) account program that is to be administered by the State Treasurer. This program would allow people with disabilities to establish accounts within the Treasurer’s Office to help with any future healthcare costs.

Healthcare Licensure Revocation (HB 1359/PA 99-0211): Provides guidelines for license revocation for healthcare workers who are found guilty of a healthcare related crime including Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Hepatitis C Task Force (HB 1660/PA 99-0429): Extends the repeal date of the Hepatitis C Task Force from Jan. 1, 2016, to Jan. 1, 2017.

Hospice Medicine Transportation (SB 689/PA 99-0163 – Sen. Matt Murphy): Clarifies that an advanced practice nurse, practical nurse, or registered nurse who provides hospice or home health services to a person may lawfully possess controlled substances prescribed for the patient when acting as an agent for the patient.

Human Body and Organ Transfers (HB 4120/PA 99-0262): Authorizes the transport of a human dead body out of the state at the direction of a federally designated organ procurement organization for the purpose of organ or tissue donation without a permit for transportation signed by the local registrar.

Live Saving Measures (SB 1466/PA 99-0319): Amends the Department of Public Health Powers and Duties Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois, the Nursing Home Care Act, the IDD/DD Community Care Act, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems Act, the Hospital Licensing Act, and the Health Care Surrogate Act. Deletes “DNR” from the title of the “DNR/POLST” form that outlines advance directives and life-sustaining care measures for a patient.

Long-Term Care Facility Monitoring (HB 2462/PA 99-0430): Allows for residents of long-term care facilities to use an audio or video surveillance system in his or her room at the resident’s expense. Residents are required to provide written consent for these monitors.

Managed Care Act (HB 2788/PA 99-0111): Adds the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Healthcare to the list of approved accreditation authorities under the Managed Care and Patients’ Rights Acts

Managed Care Translation/Interpretation Services (SB 1253/PA 99-0106): Requires managed care entities to develop a written language access policy to ensure language-appropriate services for populations with limited English proficiency.

Mental Health Grants (HB 3753/PA 99-0184): Authorizes Department on Aging to provide grants to public and private nonprofit entities for projects that demonstrate ways to integrate mental health services for older adults into primary healthcare settings.

MH/DD Record Disclosure (SB 818/PA 99-0028 – Sen. Chris Nybo): Requires records and communications made or created in the course of providing mental health or developmental disabilities services be protected from disclosure regardless of whether the records and communications are made or created in the course of a therapeutic relationship unless expressly provided for in statute.

Minority Businesses (SB 691/PA 99-0315):  Requires health care facilities to develop a policy to encourage the participation of minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, and small business enterprises in capital projects undertaken by the facility. Policies must be required six months after the effective date.

Music Therapy Practice Act (SB 1595/PA 99-0397): Creates the Music Therapy Licensing and Practice Act. Provides for licensure of music therapists by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and establishes the powers and duties of the Department, including rule making authority on the curriculum for music therapy, reviewing the qualifications of applicants for licenses, investigating alleged violations of the Act, conducting hearings on disciplinary and other matters, and establishing a schedule of fees for the administration and enforcement of the Act.

Pharmacists Alternative Pharmaceuticals (SB 455/PA 99-0200): Allows pharmacists to provide alternative or bio-similar pharmaceuticals to patients.

Podiatry License (HB 2925/PA 99-0225): Provides for a three-year temporary license for podiatrists engaged in post graduate training and education.

Program Expansion (SB 1847/PA 99-0170): Increases income eligibility standards, primarily working families, for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. It does this by increasing the gross income limit for households that do not include an elderly, blind or disabled member from 130 percent to 165 percent of the federal poverty level. Subject to federal approval.

Retired Physician Information (SB 1205/PA 99-0330 – Sen. Jason Barickman): Provides for a retired physician to maintain his title as “Retired Physician” without having to provide detailed information an active physician must.

Right to Try Act (HB 1335/PA 99-0270 – Sen. Michael Connelly): Allows terminally ill patients to gain access to medical treatments that have not yet been approved for use by the general public.

Safeguarding Children (SB 1775/PA 99-0351): Requires a child under the care of the Department of Children and Family Services residing in a residential facility to be reported as missing when there is no contact between the child and facility employee within 12 hours and when the child is absent without prior approval. Requires the facility to record a Plan of Care for any child who plans to leave the facility for more than 24 hours, which contains specific information regarding the child’s planned location and return.  Requires the residential facility operator to inform law enforcement the child is a ward of the Department of Children and Family Services, and direct law enforcement to convey that information to the LEADS “Miscellaneous” system within the missing persons report.

Sexual Assault Medical Billing (HB 3848/PA 99-0454): Prohibits a hospital, health care professional, ambulance provider, laboratory, or pharmacy furnishing hospital emergency services, forensic services, transportation, or medication to a sexual assault survivor from directly billing the survivor. Requires hospitals to provide written notice about billing procedures to sexual assault survivors that are being treated in their facility.

Silver Search Task Force (SB 1846/PA 99-0322):  Creates the Silver Search Task Force which, in conjunction with the Department of State Police shall develop a program and methodology for locating missing persons older than age 21 who are believed to have Alzheimer’s or related dementia.

Local Government

American’s Central Port District Act Changes (HB 3664/PA 99-0279 – Sen. Sam McCann): Removes Quarry Township from the America’s Central Port District’s territory.

Bond Skimming (HB 1119/PA 99-0412): Provides that clerk of the court in Cook County shall not retain bail bond costs exceeding $100.

Building Alterations (SB 379/PA 99-0313): Provides that all codes, rules, and regulations that govern land use, construction, and alteration of buildings, structures, parts and appurtenances that are adopted by the county board in which the district is located shall apply to all construction projects on property owned by the district. Pertains to the Cook County Forest Preserve District.

Capital Fund (SB 87/PA 99-0019 – Sen. Pamela Althoff):  Allows a county to accumulate, in a separate fund, no more than three percent of the equalized assessed value of property that is subject to taxation by the county for capital improvements, repairs, or replacements.

Cook County Forest Preserve Police (SB 376/PA 99-0312): Provides that when Cook County Forest Preserve Police are outside the limits of their territory, either leased or licensed by the district and have easement rights, they will act in aid of regular police force of any such city or village.

Cook County Title Freeze (SB 1487/PA 99-0439): Amend the Counties Code to create the Foreclosure Property Pilot Program in Cook County to freeze the recording of documents relating to a property that is subject of foreclosure.

County Budget Public Hearing (HB 2474/PA 99-0273): Requires counties to have a public meeting on the annual budget and provide to members of the public copies of that budget at that meeting at least 15 days before final action on that budget.

DNR Land Vacation (HB 3622/PA 99-0156 – Sen. Pamela Althoff): If the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) feels it is in the best interest of the public to vacate any plat of subdivision, street, roadway, or driveway, the DNR may do so with approval from the Governor. Land title is transferred unless there is an easement or deed instructing otherwise.

Forest Preserve District (SB 378/PA 99-0264): Makes a minor addition to current statute.  Adds he or his designee to the code for the execution of all contracts entered into by the district and perform other duties as prescribed.

Gray Township (SB 1252/PA 99-0248 – Sen. Dale Righter): Allows Gray Township of White County a one-time transfer of general assistance funds to the townships general fund if the townships does not receive any state funding for general assistance; has not borrowed for general assistance purposes in the last three fiscal years, and did not certify a new general assistance levy or increase the levy in 2015. The transfer must take place within one year of the effective date of the new Act. 

Human Trafficking Hotline (SB 43/PA 99-0105): Requires the Department of Human Services to cooperate with the Illinois Department of Transportation to promote public awareness of the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

Impoundment Large Animals (SB 1735/PA 99-0321 – Sen. Pamela Althoff):  Amends Humane Care for Animals Act; in cases where a county has no facilities capable of taking companion animals that are being abused, the authorities (animal control, law enforcement, etc.) may utilize the on-site impoundment of the animals, pursuant to a court order of the property owner.

Land Annexation to Municipality (SB 369/PA 99-0063): Provides that parcels of land less than one acre may be annexed to a municipality if it would be contiguous to the municipality but separated by a forest preserve district, federal wildlife refuge, open land/space, or conservation area. 

Local Government Tech (SB 920/PA 99-0123 – Sen. Jason Barickman): Provides clarification on whether locals can regulate wind farm sites where there is no zoning.

Mobile Home VIN (HB 2547/PA 99-0274 – Sen. Pamela Althoff): Provides that the annual tax judgment, sale, redemption, and forfeiture record for mobile homes should contain the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) if known. This would allow the county treasurer to proceed with processing the pertinent mobile home documentation.

Municipal Contract Expenditures (HB 299/PA 99-0010 – Sen. Pamela Althoff): Removes the provision subjecting court security to the Sheriff’s Merit Commission.

Obama Library/George Lucas Museum (HB 373/PA 99-0003): Gives the City of Chicago legal authority to build a President Barack Obama Presidential Library on park land. Also adds language allowing for the George Lucas Museum to be constructed by the city on public park land.

Park District Code Changes (HB 3882/PA 99-0016): Removes an unused, obsolete subsection of the Park District Code that allowed for the reorganization of a park district into two park districts. This provision expired in 1987.

Payment Collection (SB 86/PA 99-0018 - Sen. Pamela Althoff): Allows a state’s attorney to retain attorneys and private collection agencies to collect for the county a defaulted payment or installment of an imposed fine/penalty.

Prohibition of New Local Governments (HB 228/PA 99-0353 – Sen. Michael Connelly): Prohibits the General Assembly from creating any new form of local government. Includes any General Assembly action to divide any existing local governments into two units. Prohibition sunsets in four years.

TIF Arcola/Paris (SB 1714/PA 99-0361 – Sen. Chapin Rose): Creates three Tax Increment Financing (TIF) extensions, two for Arcola, IL and one for Paris, IL.

Tractor Trailer Road Closure (SB 1704/PA 99-0168): Allows local road commissioners to close highways in their jurisdiction to tractor trailers for up to 90 days in any one calendar year, if the conditions will result in the destruction of or damage to the highway.

Truth in Taxation Notice (SB 792/PA 99-0367): Provides if a taxing district fails to post notice on its website the notice or any actions on the tax levy will not be invalidated. The Truth in Taxation Notice is required to be published on taxing districts website, in addition to current requirements.

State Government and Insurance

African-American HIV/AIDS Response Fund (HB 1004/PA 99-0054): Extends the date of repeal of the African-American HIV/AIDS Response Fund from July 1, 2016 to July 1, 2026. It also amends the AIDS Confidentiality Act by making changes which have the potential to increase HIV testing in Illinois and subsequent identification of more HIV positive citizens and residents of Illinois through the inclusion of additional health care providers in the definition of “Health care professional” and by clarifying the definition of “informed consent” and allowing for the use of a single medical treatment consent form for documentation.

Autistic Dental Coverage (HB 235/PA 99-0141): Provides that accident and health insurance policies must cover anesthetic charges for dental care if the individual is younger than age 19 and has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, or has been diagnosed with a developmental disability.

Burn Victims Relief (HB 4006/PA 99-0455): Establishes the seed money for the George Bailey Memorial Fund by diverting $1 from the $35 fee assessed on serious traffic violations. The George Bailey Memorial Program provides income to burn victims during the five month waiting period for SSI benefits, which will be repaid from SSI funds when received or from any settlement the victim receives.

Duplicative IDs (SB 1898/PA 99-0305): ASecretary of State (SOS) Initiative that limits the number of duplicative ID cards an individual can receive. Allows SOS to issue a refund of fees if an application for a card is denied/refused. Clarifies the expiration of non-US citizen driver’s licenses.

Electronic Insurance Storage (SB 1680/PA 99-0167): Allows fordocuments that are required by statute in an insurance transaction or that serve as evidence of insurance coverage, to be stored, presented, and delivered by electronic means.

Equal Opportunity Task Force (HB 3840/PA 99-0158): Creates the “Equal Opportunity Task Force” to examine barriers to economic opportunity in economically depressed communities; issues that discourage local investment and business development; local community concerns; and current economic conditions.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Fee (HB 3543/PA 99-0039 – Sen. Chris Nybo): Allows the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to assess reasonable receivership fees against any state bank or savings bank that does not maintain insurance with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Flag Display (HB 2932/PA 99-0372): Requires the Governor to issue an official notice to fly the United States national flag, the state flag of Illinois, and the appropriate military flag at half-staff upon the death of a resident of Illinois killed during on duty training for active military duty.

Fleet Vehicle Fuel Requirement (HB 3667/PA 99-0406): Requires that on and after Jan. 1, 2016, 15 percent of passenger vehicles including dedicated or non-dedicated fuel type vehicles purchased with state funds must be vehicles fueled by the specified alternative fuels.

Governmental Board/Commission Meeting Per Diem (SB 1444/PA 99-0318): Amends the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act to limit the ability of members of boards and commissions which are compensated on a per meeting basis from receiving compensation for more than one meeting held during any seven consecutive day period unless each meeting is more than four hours long or in the case of a bona fide emergency.

Home Equity Districts (HB 3193/PA 99-0037): Amends the Home Equity Assurance Act to permit Home Equity Districts to create Low Interest Home Improvement loan programs through resolution of their commission.

Illinois Insurance Guarantee Fund Financial Report (SB 1806/PA 99-0388):  Changes the date from March 30 to April 30 that the Board of Directors for the Illinois Insurance Guarantee Fund provides the Director of Insurance their financial report.

Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act Sunset (SB 1620/PA 99-0251): Extends the sunset date of the Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act through January 1, 2020.

Illinois Notary Public Act Changes (HB 2797/PA 99-0112): Authorizes the Secretary of State to create an online application system for those applying for appointment and commission as a notary public. Also allows the Secretary of State to release photographs to SOS personnel for purposes of issuing and controlling notary public commissions.

Insurance Code Amendment (SB 1764/PA 99-0421): Provides that insurers offering accident and health insurance to groups of more than 25 employees must provide coverage for infertility treatments to covered individuals unable to attain a viable pregnancy, or maintain a viable pregnancy.

Insurance Modifier Rate (HB 2763/PA 99-0100): Provides that registered surgical assistants are reimbursed equally for services a physician acting in the same role would receive as long as that assistant was brought in on a case by case basis and is not an employee of the hospital or clinic.

Insurance Provider Directory Updates (SB 750/ PA 99-0329): Provides that a provider network directory is updated regularly and shall not include providers that are not currently accepting patients at a location and/or have not treated patients at a location.

Information Release (HB 3909/PA 99-0159): Allows the Fire Marshal and the Department of Insurance to prohibit the release of certain information to insurance companies if it would endanger the life of physical safety of law enforcement personnel or any other person.

Insurance Verification System (SB 1482/PA 99-0333): Extends the sunset date of state law concerning the verification of liability insurance policies from Dec. 31, 2015 to Dec. 31, 2016.

Oil and Gas Deficiency Letter (HB 3430/PA 99-0131): Adds provision stating that the Department of Natural Resources can send a deficiency letter for oil and gas permit applicants.

Opportunities for At- Risk Women Act (HB 3284/PA 99-0416): Creates a 12-member task force within the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to design a plan to distribute materials detailing available resources to help aid at-risk women and their families become productive citizens.

Property Tax Complaints (HB 2554/PA 99-0098 - Sen. Pamela Althoff): Amends the Property Tax Code to provide more detailed instruction for all parties involved during the Property Tax Board of Review complaint procedure, outside of Cook County.

Recyclable Stolen Metals Task Force (HB 330/PA 99-0052): Creates the Recyclable Metal Theft Task Force within the Office of the Secretary of State to look at ways to combat recyclable metal theft throughout the state, assist in developing regional task forces to combat recyclable metal theft, and consider and develop long-term solutions.

Recycling Labels (HB 2495/PA 99-0306): States that the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity shall work with nationally based consumer groups and trade associations to develop nationally recognized logos that can be used to specify whether a consumer product claimed to be recyclable by the manufacturer is compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable.

Reverse Mortgage Act (SB 1440/PA 99-0331): Creates the Reverse Mortgage Act by rewriting the entire reverse mortgage law. Consolidates duplicative and sometime conflicting state laws regarding reverse mortgages.

Road Fund Audit Clarification (SB 1589/PA 99-0127): Resolves ambiguous and contradictory language to clarify that the Secretary of State should be depositing certain funds in to the Road Fund, not the State Construction Account.

Scott’s Law Day (HB 246/PA 99-0146): Designates Dec. 23 of each year to be “Scott’s Law Day,” to honor public safety workers and serve as a remembrance to motorists to utilize safety when passing stopped emergency vehicles.

SOS Electronic Payment (HB 364/PA 99-0324): Allows the Secretary of State to decline electronic payments for payment of fees.

State Pie (HB 208/PA 99-0364 – Sen. Bill Brady): Designates pumpkin pie as the official state pie of Illinois.

Surface Mining (HB 123/PA 99-0224): Amends theSurface-Mined Land Conservation and Reclamation Act;Increases the insurance bond threshold to $10,000; makes exceptions for higher amounts in certain cases.

Topical Eye Medication Coverage (HB 3137/PA 99-0226): Coverage for topical eye medication shall not be denied when the medication is to treat a chronic condition of the eye.

Update to Records Act (HB 362/PA 99-0147 – Sen. Karen McConnaughay): Amends the State Records Act and the Local Records Act to update the statute to reflect usage of “digital material.”

Taxes and Fees

State Sales Tax Increment Revenue Use (HB 3556/PA 99-0452 – Sen. Karen McConnaughay): Allows up to one percent of revenues from a retailer’s occupation tax, a service occupation tax, and a hotel operators tax in one business district to be used in another district if certain conditions are met.

Transportation, Infrastructure and Vehicular Regulation/Safety

Driver’s License Issuance (HB 4074/PA 99-0300): Sets conditions under which the Secretary of State may issue a driver’s license if someone has a license that is currently revoked in another state.

DUI Driving Permit (HB 1446/PA 99-0290): Allows drivers who had their license permanently revoked after a fourth DUI conviction to obtain a restricted driving permit after five years if the person shows a minimum three years of uninterrupted sobriety and successful completion all of the recommended rehabilitation activity.

DUI Interlock Device Extension (HB 3533/PA 99-0296 – Sen. Pam Althoff): Requires ignition interlock devices for a minimum of five years on all vehicles owned by a person who has been convicted of a second or subsequent DUI offense.

Electric Vehicle Parking Spots (HB 198/PA 99-0172): Prohibits parking a non-electric car in a parking spot reserved for charging electric cars and sets a fine for violating this rule.

Hatzalah Rescue Vehicles (SB 621/PA 99-0040): Allows Hatzalah rescue vehicles (a volunteer Emergency Medical Service) to use oscillating and flashing red and white lights when responding to an emergency call for the sick or injured.

License Plate Visibility Exemption (HB 1666/PA 99-0068): Makes trucks with rear-attached forklifts exempt from the requirement that their license plate be clearly visible.

Low-Speed Vehicles (SB 1899/PA 99-0401): Low-speed vehicles must have a certificate of title and display valid registration in order to be driven on highways.

Masonic License Plate Fund (HB 3269/PA 99-0294 – Sen. Chapin Rose): Requires all money in the Master Mason Fund from the license plates to be paid as grants to Illinois Masonic Charities Fund (rather than the Illinois Masonic Foundation for the Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Among Children, Inc.) for charitable purposes (rather than for providing Model Student Assistance Programs in schools).

O’Hare Airport Runway Authorization (SB 636/PA 99-0202): Increases the number of runways O’Hare International Airport can operate without obtaining state authorization from eight to ten.

Reduced Weight Limit on Roads (HB 2580/PA 99-0237): Highway commissioners may permanently post roads at a reduced weight limit after holding a public forum regarding reasons for and against imposing the limit. County superintendents of highways then have the final deciding power in the matter after the public forum.

Rental Car Plates (SB 625/PA 99-0080): Allows the Secretary of State to issue special license plates to rental car agencies in place of renewal stickers for vehicle registration.

Road Funds (HB 182/PA 99-0171 – Sen. Pam Althoff): Allows funds for township and road districts to come from other road district sources, but funds cannot exceed the amount that would be allocated under the motor fuel tax fund formula.

School Bus Industry Requirements (HB 1665/PA 99-0148): Provides that a private carrier employer of school bus drivers shall be held to a standard of ordinary care for intentional acts committed in the course of employment by a bus driver permit holder.

Senior Citizen/Disabled Person Specialty Plate Discount (HB 2811/PA 99-0071): Beginning with the 2017 registration year, for any vehicle owner or spouse who has been approved for the reduced registration fee pursuant to the Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons Property Tax Relief Act, may also pay the reduced fee for any vehicle displaying specialty plates.

SOS Notification on Revocation (HB 3670/PA 99-0297): Provides that the Secretary of State shall notify by mail any person whose driving privileges have been revoked as a result of a moving violation that is the proximate cause of the death of any person, that his or her driver’s license will be revoked 90 days from the date of the mailing of the notice.

Spouse Death Car Titles (HB 3797/PA 99-0260 – Sen. Dave Luechtefeld): Extends the amount of time in which paperwork must be filed and fees associated with the transfer of title must be paid in the event of the death of a spouse.

Temporary Stop Signs (SB 1388/PA 99-0124 – Sen. Sam McCann): IDOT shall make sure all temporary stop signs adhere to requirements in the State Manual and placed in a manner to provide adequate visibility and legibility and shall be placed within duration recommendations in the State Manual.

Transportation Safety Highway Hire-back Fund Use (HB 3812/PA 99-0280): Allows counties to use money in the Transportation Safety Highway Hire-back Fund to purchase equipment and hire officers.

Trucking Violations (HB 1516/PA 99-0291): Provides that any driver who willfully violates specified motor carrier safety regulations including driving under the influence; motor carrier drivers’ hours of service; motor carrier qualifications for drivers; or other violations which would place the driver or vehicle out of service is guilty of a Class 3 felony when the violation results in a motor vehicle accident that causes great bodily harm, permanent disability or disfigurement, or death to another person.

Veterans and Military Affairs

Returning Civilian Employee License Renewal Extension (HB 3384/PA 99-0118): Gives returning civilian employees of the United States Armed Forces an extension of 45 days for renewing an expired license.

Security Freeze on Credit Account for Veteran (HB 3425/PA 99-0373): Waives the $10 fee for a security freeze on a credit account for a veteran or active duty military service member.

Veterans Homes Exemption (SB 1665/PA 99-0376 – Sen. Christine Radogno): Exempts veteran foster homes from the requirements that restrict them to two residents; this law would allow them to care for three veterans.

Veterans Preference in Private Employment Act (HB 3122/PA 99-0152): Creates the Veterans Preference in Private Employment Act. Provides that a private employer may adopt and apply a voluntary veterans’ preference employment policy if the policy is in writing, publicly posted with employment information, informs all applicants about the policy, and the policy is implemented uniformly for all employment decisions regarding the hiring, promotion, or reduction of force.