Wednesday's Illinois News Summary


Published on August 15 2012 8:43 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Millie Lange

Quinn Approves Mini-Horses As Seeing Eye Pets

(Springfield, IL) -- It's not uncommon to see a dog helping a blind person find their way but a horse?  Well, it may become a bit more normal to see miniature horses leading people around town.  Governor Quinn has approved a measure that allows people with vision impairments to take the animals into public places like schools and restaurants.  Both would be able to take the horses size into consideration before allowing them inside.  Supporters of the law say this provides a great alternative for disabled people who are allergic to dogs.

House To Vote On Smith's Expulsion

(Springfield, IL) -- State representatives will be voting this Friday on whether their colleague Derrick Smith should be expelled from the general assembly.  At least 78 reps will have to approve the resolution.  Smith was arrested back in March for allegedly accepting a seven-thousand-dollar cash bribe in exchange for securing a grant for a daycare.  He has maintained his innocence, but a House panel has recommended he be relieved of his duties, claiming his alleged behavior compromises the integrity of the House.

Quinn, Lawmakers To Hold Special Pension Session

(Springfield, IL) -- Governor Quinn is ready to meet with Illinois lawmakers for a one-day special session to fix the state's financially-crippled pension system.  Quinn is in Springfield with eyes on repairing the ongoing government employee pension crisis which stands to lose upwards of 12-million-dollars daily until fixed.  Quinn will join Illinois lawmakers this Friday for the special session.  Some Illinois Republicans say Quinn is just stonewalling and using the delay as a stunt to impress voters.