Lawsuit Filed In Megabus Crash


Published on August 14 2012 12:16 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Millie Lange

Clifford Law Offices filed a lawsuit against Megabus on behalf of a young woman injured when the bus crashed into a concrete bridge support pillar on I-55 some 10 days ago. Cook County Circuit Court Judge William Maddux entered a protective order Monday after attorneys at Clifford Law Offices asked that the bus be preserved and not be altered or disposed of as well as all data, video recordings, radio transmissions and cell phone records, driver schedules, logs and employment records in connection with this incident be preserved.

Robert Clifford, Kevin Durkin and Michael Krzak, partners at the firm and attorneys for plaintiff Jamie Schultz, asked that they be permitted to inspect and photograph the bus, its tires and any component parts within seven days of the entry of the Protective Order. The lawsuit is believed to be the first filed regarding this tragedy.

Schultz, 19, of Chicago, was sitting in the bus as it traveled to St. Louis, Mo., one of its first scheduled stops on Aug. 2, 2012, when she was struck by the seat in front of her and suffered severe emotional distress from the trauma of witnessing a woman killed in front of her. Dozens of others were injured when the Megabus struck the pillar near the intersection of mile post 57 in Montgomery County downstate near Springfield, Il.

The complaint alleges that the driver, Preston Taylor, was driving too fast for conditions and that Megabus and its employees failed to maintain the subject bus in a reasonably safe condition and failed to properly train its employees.

The complaint alleges that the plaintiff’s injuries are in excess of $50,000, the jurisdictional minimum for a case to be filed in the Law Division in Cook County. The complaint also was filed against Coach Leasing, Inc., the owner of the bus.