No "Purge" Incidents Reported Overnight


Published on August 19 2014 3:27 am
Last Updated on August 19 2014 9:49 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Effingham city police had no instances of vandalism or worse to report from last night, the night a "purge" was supposed to befall the community.

A Facebook post we received Saturday night or early Sunday morning indicated a number of communities, including Effingham, would be involved in a purge where lawlessness occurs for a period of time, based on a movie released in recent months. In the movie, though, the lawless period was allowed by authorities. That wasn't the case in Effingham, where law enforcement officials are treating vandalism done Sunday night and early Monday as criminal damage to property and were ready to make sure any mischief last night would be dealt with.

Effingham Police Chief Mike Schutzbach said the department received a higher number of calls from concerned citizens than usual, and said the reports were checked out, but nothing reported rose to the level of a criimnal offense. Schutzbach said, "Everybody was on edge, and watching out for their neighbors; community policing, that's what it's about."

If you have information on the spray painting that was done Sunday night, please phone Effingham City Police at 347-0774 or Crimestoppers at 34-SOLVE.