Fox Blocks Governor Quinn’s Campaign Ad, Rauner has Lead in New Poll


Published on March 31 2014 4:24 pm
Written by Wayne Moran

Governor Quinn will have to try some other strategy to get one up on his challenger for reelection. A recent Quinn campaign commercial compared his opponent Bruce Rauner to Mr. Burns, a wealthy character from the cartoon The Simpsons. Fox, which has rights to the cartoon, slammed the ad and removed it from YouTube.

The Rauner camp stated that Quinn is running his campaign as bad as he is running the state.

The gubernatorial campaign continues to intensify. Incumbent Pat Quinn made a stop during Sunday services at Rock of Ages Church in west suburban Maywood. He spoke on such topics as increasing the minimum wage and improving access to quality health care. Meanwhile, Republican opponent Bruce Rauner joined Illinois Senator Mark Kirk to sound off about Quinn's proposal to make a temporary tax increase permanent. Rauner also added that the governor is to blame for the state's loss of jobs and high unemployment.

Meanwhile, a new poll is out, the first since the state primaries, showing Republican nominee Bruce Rauner holds a 13-point lead over Gov. Pat Quinn. The Illinois Mirror/Where America Stands poll of a thousand likely voters finds 46-percent favor Rauner, while 32-percent favor Quinn. The poll also shows 19-percent of those surveyed were undecided. The poll has a +/- margin of error of three-percent.